a spring romper re-invented

ella loves skirts.
skirts and dresses.
she is not in support of shorts or any pants other than jeans.
(what a princess)
but when i saw this romper for ten bucks at target....
mommy had to figure out a way to MAKE her wear it.

she does like aprons.
so i decided to sew a little hanky apron right onto the elastic waistband.
i just sewed it right through the middle and let it double over.
then i sewed a little ribbon over the elastic band and the hanky as i pulled the elastic tight so it could still stretch, but it would have the illusion of securing around her waist. 
i left the the ends to hang in in the front (a little to the side) so i could tie a bow.

ok. i'll admit that she still doesn't like it very much.
but i CAN get her to wear it.
so that's something.

and i paid her a chocolate easter egg to let me take her picture.
happy spring!



  1. so super cute! how did you do the ribbon bit? i love that! sophia got the CUTEST little romper for her bday and she HATES it! i'm so bummed too. i love it. girly girls :-/ maybe i'll have to try this on her...

    1. oop! forgot to tell about the ribbon part. so i just added it. check it out up there.

  2. I recently saw another "romper refashion" on another blog(though I cannot remember which one for the life of me) that used a denim type romper from Walmart($5) and all she did was change the buttons and re-stitched the hemline to make it look higher quality. Super adorable!
    I love your version too. And Ella cracks me up.

  3. gorgeous pictures. is that a bird whistle? where did you find it? total blast from the past.

  4. She is too Cute!! Love the floppy little pig tails!