sick on spring break!? (and a word about instagram)

the first day of spring break i got sick.
like can't get out of bead with the chills and a fever kind.
but i slept it off in time for the kids to catch it and so now i am hoping they can kick it as fast as i did so that we can at least have a little fun with friends this week!
but for now, i am keeping them home to do mellow activities and trying to make them rest...ha!

with all this time at home, i have a few minutes to write a post that i keep meaning to write.
it's a little tricky and i hope you'll understand.
i joined instagram before i realized that it would become such a social networking deal.
and i do love it.
taking pictures on my phone has really helped me not to have to lug my big camera around trying to adjust settings and getting distracted from the activity at hand. 
and instagram is perfect for sharing the photos super quickly with my sisters and freinds.
but as i realized how big it is and how many people are on it now,
(even more now,with the new instagram for android just coming out this week) 
my husband and i made an agreement that i'd only be viewable to people i've met in real life and that i pretty much know.
(now, i HAD already friended a couple of people i haven't met....so i guess they can stay :)
he and i have had lots of discussions about this kind of thing and are trying to be wise about how many people can see where the kids and i are eating lunch that day or where we go to school.
this is just our way to have a limit.
we still have this blog.
totally public.
which takes faith.
and i know everyone may have different ways of trying to set internet boundaries.
nicknames, no names, no pictures of their kids...
i do share that stuff but i respect those of you who decide not to
 this is not at all implying that its not safe to "friend" blog friends on instagram.
(i sometimes regret our rule when i see cool blog ladies who want to follow me!)
i am just deciding to have this limit and in doing so i get the freedom not to have to think too much about blocking out locations or other telling signs and can just snap away.
(and if you DO follow me you know that i take a crazy amount of pictures)

so with all that said, here are a bunch of my favorite instagrams from this spring.
after the fact.
thanks for sharing them with me!

ps. did you HEAR that Facebook bought instagram this week too!
i really hope they don't change it much, don't you?




  2. You are a wise lady indeed! i have an android and my ears pricked up at that news!

  3. sometimes you look so much like my sister....

    so....i downloaded the instagram app last week.
    and that is as far as i have gotten.
    we shall see where it leads.
    ha ha ha

  4. Amazing photos even on your phone! Thanks for sharing.

  5. yep, i get it. the whole being connected thing is cool and so awesome and sometimes it's easy t forget how "out there" everything really is. love all the instagrams though and there are some really, really cool ones here. you are so very good at capturing feelings and emotion in your pictures, love it.

  6. Shauna...I have REALLY been wanting to do the same thing recently....but I don't know how to delete followers. Do you? {I've also been rethinking the whole blog thing in general...but that's a whole different story...I'll start with IG ;)

  7. Yep. I do the same thing. Thanks for sharing your photos here, though! I think that's a great way to enjoy instagram on a larger scale. Did you know facebook just bought instagram? i just read that today. crazy. one more thing - do you know about picfx? Awesome bokeh lighting affects and filters. You can sync it with instagram, too. Very fun.

  8. Super awesome... Love all the pics... Now as a newbie to instagram may I ask how do you transfer your instagram pics to your computer??

  9. Girl...right there with you on the privacy issues...glad I'm not alone. Do you ever feel bad and/or guilty for not accepting a request?

  10. wow. i am an artist and your photos make me want to paint. i am adding your blog to my blog-roll... so glad to have found you through flowerpatch farmgirl. e.

    1. whoa cool!
      that is a really nice comment!
      where can i see your paintings?

  11. ditto everything you said, shawna about instagram. just found how to delete followers: http://www.quora.com/Instagram/How-do-you-remove-a-follower-from-your-follower-list-on-Instagram

    i love the freedom that taking photos with instagram gives me and i, too don't want to stop and think if i'm posting a street sign or whatnot.

    love your blog, your honesty and your blogland heart.

  12. I just got instagram on my phone, and i agree that it is odd that people you don't know can see your kids, you are smart to keep it limited to family and friends. Your pictures are beautiful! You can see how much you enjoy beinging a mother:-)

  13. I love all your pics. Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday! I have a little something by the door waiting to make its way to you:)

  14. Oh girl. I love the pics. I totally understand the needing to have limits and to protect the family. Really. And Im' hoping I might be one of those cool blog ladies you wish could be your instagram friend :) If Facebook makes Instagram different, I'm out of there. For reals. Happy Tuesday pretty lady!

  15. i just downloaded instagram this week, but don't really know how to use it. :/
    i think your words are very wise, and your photos....oh, my! they are so artistic and beautiful!

  16. do what I do, take the pictures with your regular camera phone ( I use camera +) and then load them hours or days later! that way people won't know you are there at that exact time. I never use the actual instagram camera! and when I load the photos they aren't happening in real time every single time, it can be hours later and I love that!
    just a thought!

  17. I totally get what you're saying! Instagram just feels more real-time and intimate in some ways, you know?! I totally wouldn't worry about "un-friending" if it's what makes you feel more comfortable (me included! HA!). Seriously, it's all about setting the boundaries you feel comfortable with!! Don't worry about hurt feelings...people who get it, get it! : )

  18. I loooved those photos!!! so fun. free-spirited. beautiful.

  19. your pictures are amazing! how do you get the pictures to have the brown and white effect (like the one with your little girl and the hoola hoop)? i have instagram on my iphone and i don't see a filter like that. thanks:)

  20. It is just so happy - not in that fake or pretentious way - in a full of life - LIVING life kind of way. all so precious.

  21. dude- your IG photos are off. the. hook. i always enjoy seeing your work.

  22. I feel lucky to be able to see your pics. Art.