mostly, i'm a frazzled "trier"

don't you ever just get this sick feeling that you are trying really hard for the wrong things?

like your intentions are possibly good.
routed in wanting to love.
but the effect of this work proves that you may be wasting your time?

do you?
i do.

i get something in my head that i think needs to be done and i just can't let it go....until i make myself.

i do this about talking too much at my kids, always making the bed, thinking i should be making dinner every night,

thinking i need to teach others a lesson, thinking i deserve more than i do, wanting to be good at things that i'm not good at,

taking on more responsibility for others than is mine, thinking i need to be friendlier,

thinking i need to teach my kids to be better behaved.....

I'm sure there's more, but that's what first comes to mind.
and while none of these things are wrong, if put too high on my priority list, they can be very hurtful to my family and even to myself.

it can make me a frazzled "trier" instead of the peaceful, thankful woman i want to be.

i read this post today and it really made me think twice about how i've been parenting.
sometimes forgetting that i need to personalize my approach for each kid.

sometimes getting caught up in managing my very energetic crew and forgetting to be still with them.

trying to keep up with their energy, but not at the cost of running us all ragged.
with this all in mind, i have been trying to say no to more "activities" so that i can really just look at my kids and be still with them.

have a "snack bar", read a story, snuggle til 8:30am, brush hair, spray each other with the hose.
you know, the little stuff.

don't get me wrong, i do love a good list of ideas, but let's not get too caught up in it now people!

tomorrow we have nothing going on.

and that is just what we need, i think.



  1. that's what we all need, i think! summer is the perfect time to just do nothing. you've got the right idea, mama :)

  2. have a wonderful day doing nothing.
    life is too short to be frazzled all the time, but i am so guilty of it.
    so, so very guilty.
    love this.

  3. you put it so much better than i did!!! Shauna, I absolutely love your family! these pictures are such beautiful glimpses into the life of a wonderful mother :) I so wish we were neighbors and our kids could be "energetic" together ( I worry all the time about teaching my kids to behave and I have to stop and listen to myself every now and then and think "am I nagging or am I encouraging"? most of the time I nag) I just love that first picture--it reminds me of the cover of a 50's cookbook-- so classic!

  4. this is an amazing post. Thank you so much for sharing your heart! I'm your newest follower and a NEW FAN of yours !:)
    keep writing!

    I feel like we are of the same spirit! :D

  5. and I say that in a non stalker/creepy way! :D LOLOL!

  6. I'm not sure how you do it but somehow you put exactly what I'm thinking/processing into beautiful words. I read that same post yesterday and really prayed I'd be the kind of parent each of my boys needs me to be. Tonight that meant surprising my middle boy with an ice cream date. He desperately needed some attention, has been hinting at it through his actions for weeks, and absolutely loved our alone time. He told me, "That was a fun little date, Mommy. Thanks", at least 5 times before he went to bed.
    Overall our summer has been nuts with running here & there & everywhere and this week we put the breaks on all of it. It's been a fantastic week of being together! Enjoy your day of nothing tomorrow!

  7. this is EXACTLY how i've felt the past couple of days.
    it's summer... why so many plans?
    why so busy?!
    i'm disliking it!
    we don't need to do playdates every day just because we can, right?
    sometimes it can just be my three and me!
    thanks for sharing your heart... again!
    we're totally on the same page... again!
    (oh yeah... you don't like hugs and kisses... HIGH fives to you!!! ha ha ha ha!)