you treat me badly, i love you madly

these two have a love/hate relationship happening.
they are who the song is about.
i am sure of it.
when they get along, it's like the heavens open up and streams of light shine down on them.
and when they don't...well...it's not pretty.
so i took the opportunity to capture a good moment as we made cookies this weekend.
i will look back on these in the near future, i'm sure.
maybe on the road trip we are planning next month.
i'm sure that will be a REAL pleasure.

(these photos are all taken with my iPhone.)

"i love you and all i want you to do is just hold me, hold me, hold me...."



  1. oh girl...i just broke up a fight. usually it's two boys against one girl. they don't understand her...but now they're all three playing CHURCH of all things...her idea. so yay! for a while.
    i love that pic of you kissing ella...and i also want your kitchen island. :)

  2. we have the same relationships goin' on over here. :)
    love the photos...especially the one of you kissin' your babe.

  3. are you making this up? they look so sweet together. and that is the BEST picture of you.

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  5. Love the pic of you kissing your girl:)

  6. This is great! My brother and I had more of a dislike-hate relationship; but now we're bff's! Siblings are great!