memories of the farm...

these are a few more of my favorites.
 it makes me smile to just think about our little trip...
it was so rad.
a lot of work and not very relaxing.
but so fun
and as time goes by, i'm sure our memories will start to match our photographs more that the reality that is 6 small children.

there is a shocking amount of me in a swimsuit in this post...and i'm right there with you saying'...wow. 
not sure why i'm so brave...i just am.


  1. You are so brave in that swimsuit because you look so adorable.

  2. ya...your swimsuit and your sweet self are adorable...thats why :) great memories right here.

  3. Oh my goodness... Your swimsuit. It's amazing.
    Where did you find it?

  4. so seriously adorable!
    LOVE that pic of you girls in your suits....so fun and beautiful!
    what a fun adventure.

  5. You look beautiful in your bathing suit!
    I'm glad you're showing them--and your kids will look at them someday and marvel at your beauty.
    This place you stayed looks amazing.
    Can I ask where it is?
    I love this post like I love all the rest of them.
    Love from,

  6. You look amazing - your light shines through! Love the pictures of your son with the baby. He is a LOVE!

  7. cute one pieces!! ps- me and my older brother were the same way when we were younger. now, we get along 97% of the time! haha there's hope.

  8. ummm you and your swimsuit are totally cute! and ella and the turkey is amazing!

  9. yay!!!! you posted the great swimsuit pics. :) i'm so glad you did. no shame, baby. you are beautiful. that one of you and ella, geez, i am obsessed with it. and that one if ella staring right into the camera holding the turkey with the light behind her, oh my. and you're right, the trip was rad. when i think about it i just imagine you and me looking at each other with screaming in the background and just laughing at each other with that squinty eye kinda like "oh my goodness" laugh. you know the one i'm talking about, right? like man, we are crazy. i'm so lucky (blessed) to have you in my circle of happy. and sometimes sad/tough/funny. but always supportive and good. i love you, shauna reed. thanks for tolerating my own special brand of crazy.

  10. love the suit!!! Pls share its details?