here i am, givin' what i've got (framing my moments)

if you don't recognize that title reference.....
then you obviously aren't watching as many barbie movies as i am lately.
just be thankful.
but, i am here, giving what i have left and that is just not much right now...

i am running around like a wild woman lately.
we have our house, we're painting our house, we are scheduling deliveries and set ups and tons of details.
and i missed wednesday to do "frame this moment" again.
but i have been doing it.
in fact i have three.

the moments she's learning to read

the moment he decided against the high dive
(i didn't get to capture the moment he DID, but there was that moment too)

these two have too many moments to keep track of.
it's true love, i tell you.
that's what i've got.
and i'm givin' it.
join me, if you can.


  1. Sweet pictures! That high dive shot is great! I can feel his trepidation!

  2. light up the daaaaarrrrk again!
    seriously... i know all the words, off by heart.
    so does my 3 year old.
    and she likes to sing them at the top of her lungs!
    ah barbie!
    barbie movies are a part of home like lego is.
    popular and ain't going no where!
    glad you're in the new place, sprucing it up.
    can't wait to see some pics.
    have fun even if you're exhausted... creating a home is tiring!
    think of it as the first trimester of a pregnancy!

  3. Hi Shauna, I love all your moments but I can't get enough of the image of your boy on the high dive. It is an amazing moment to frame. Romans 8:28 :)

  4. i don't know these lyrics, but if you're playing Barbie Princess and the Pauper, i'm your girl.
    every.single.word. :)
    these pics are gorgeous. that blue sky????
    i'm SO jealous!

  5. I've enjoyed seeing your pics over the last week! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Such sweet pictures! Your blog is beautiful :)

  7. Oh my...Im loving that picture of Reedo and Ella. Precious!

  8. delightful captures.
    praying for a fun, productive and joyful shift into your new HOME. xo

  9. i love that last picture of your husband and your little girl.
    just so precious.
    so glad you are in your home! woot woot!

  10. Missing your posts...

  11. Where are you?? Are you okay? :(

  12. Well, I spent an hour or so reading lots of past posts and catching up on your life my long lost friend. I hope you're enjoying Hawaii. it sounds exhausting with the move and all. happy bday. glad you got to see what's his face in concert, that's awesome. I'll guess I'll have to come visit your new home now. (: Beautiful pictures Shauna,and beautiful singing with your sisters. I miss you and hope you're doing well.

  13. Miss you! Hope you are well.