waves and the long long escrow

sometimes it's hard being the little brother.
you just want to do stuff that you are a little bit too small for.
but sunday was the day of the little brother here with us reeds.
the tiny guy caught his first wave by himself.
he's surfed with his daddy before, but was just a little too scared to ride waves alone.
but after a rough previous weekend where jake got a new soft top board to ride, ty was motivated to just do it!
he did, and he was so proud of himself.

in other news we did our final walkthrough for our new house on saturday.
we are "supposed" to sign the final papers this week.

but hawaii is not known for super fast movers, people, so i just have to sit back and wait....
it's like slow motion, when all i want is to be in our house 
and all i can do is deal with what i've got.
patience, patience, patience.
i'm sure you know what i mean.


  1. so happy for little brother!
    how cool is that!?
    and your house is going to be so great!
    im excited for you!

  2. girl, i've been waiting FOREVER to be settled and my own HOME. i so feel your pain. ugh!!! hoping it closes soon for you.

  3. so great. love those pics.
    praying for you in the wait, because i know waiting is not the jam:)

    love ya!

  4. why is so patience so hard? and why am i so bad at it?? go, Ty!! that makes me smile, he must be so proud of himself.

  5. way to go, Ty!
    and we're learning a thing or two about God's timing as well- waiting on jobs, etc.
    praying for you as you wait. HIS timing will be perfect.

  6. you're reminding me that these shorty posts are a good idea. I need to get better at them for my transition too. or else I may never post again. and whatever that citron/teal flower square is on the right, I need it in my life. is it fabric???

  7. Having a bucket-load of patience will definitely help you during times like this. How is it now? Were you able to move into your new house? As I can see on the photos you posted, your little brother seems to be a good surfer at such a young age. Good luck, and I wish you and your family well.

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