some things

number one.
we do not have bed bugs.
there was a day there that i was not sure.
but we don't.

number two.
i do have the beginnings of a sore throat and i am  not happy about that.
 i need my health.

number three.
we have our final walk through of our house on Saturday.
i cannot WAIT to have my very own house,
can not wait.

number four.
i go to target everyday.
it seems.
well, maybe it more than seems.
maybe it is.
it's like my true north in a storm of unfamiliar.
but i am actually getting a little sick of it.
until i tried walmart.
then i realized target everyday is a treat!

that being said, i made you a list of a few favorites things of mine.

1. lupicia tea shop- i got a cold brew iced tea pitcher and the best new honey dew tea
2. cute & mugs from starbucks-for reedo and i since he is trying to use our new keurig as much as possible(they were 50% off!)
3. i just ordered that rose afghan from an instasale! sooooo lucky!
4. ty can tie his own shoes! my favorite!
5. reedo's freshy longboard is so pretty, i sorta want to steal it to hang on our wall!
6. my pal lena goes shopping for me back home, since we don't have hobby lobby here. love her!
7. out door shower
8. my yellow modcloth dress
9. plastic mason jar straw cup from targs
10. welcome mat for our house from tj maxx (7 bucks!?)
11. driving to the north shore
12. tina fey's book (thanks meg)
13. stretchy jean cut offs from targs (junior size 13 people), that allow for my little monkey to hang on me.
14. surprise hoop art (thanks erin)
15. that sweet little church
16. my reedo with shaved ice (don't you just wanta say "yes please!" to that happy guy?)
17. this album (thanks les)


  1. Target is kind of a true north in a land of unfamiliar. I always felt that way too. Hope you feel better.

  2. we love those mugs! and yes, heck yes to shaved ice from your happy soul!
    should i read tina fey? been thinking about it.
    happy day to you, pretty girl!

    1. it's so funny. i mean, there's cussing so prepare your heart.

  3. Target is always the best (in most cases). I would give anything, though, to be in a warmer climate. We just got a foot of snow last week!

  4. I love those cut-offs. And I think I'm a 15 in Target's juniors department ;)

  5. wait...that jar mug is plastic! genius!
    i need to go get some of them immediately.

  6. flash back to first day in PA - husband decided to go to his new job even though we had flown in at midnight the night before and I was stuck in a hotel with three kids, a dog, a cat, and a chinchilla and crazy hot humidity. Found Target, walked around in daze, soaked in that it was set up exactly like my beloved Target in Huntington Beach, maybe wept a little, but quietly. :)

    1. yep, i think we're on the same page.
      sometimes all you need is familiarity.
      for just a minute.

  7. loving that music recommendation......thanks!

  8. you made me laugh about walmart.

  9. oh i'm so happy for you for all these wonderful things that are happening!
    a new house (awesome), target-that-feels-like-home, a new afghan and your lovely dress..
    pretty soon we'll be seeing you out there on a long board surfing :)

  10. it's totally ok to find your comfort where you need it.
    i am the VERY tippy top of the junior dept. in SOME things.
    most of it i can't fit into...BOO.
    but i am working on it.
    and for real... i have to go to walmart most of the time and it's so depressing.

  11. haha. you're cute. and too bad I never read blogs (shh) b/c then I miss all your happiness here and then sorta freak out when there are like three posts in a row I have never even seen. and I need all the things listed in #1. btw.