my recent snappy photo editing

hey friends
over time, i have had a few people ask me how i edit my instagrams, and while there are days when just taking any photo and slapping a plain old instagram filter on it and sharing it is practically a miracle, i have developed a little process that i like to try and do as often as possible.
for whatever reason it makes me smile to scroll through and look at all those little moments all lined up and think i have a sort of uniform look.
my look is still evolving, mind you.
but this is what i have so far.

first i shoot in my regular i-phone camera.

second i take it to shakeitphoto.

shooting in this camera app is a little tricky because is crops for you, try it and see.
but, i like a challenge so sometimes i just shoot straight from this app.
when you are shooting in this app the camera frames as a rectangle, but you just have to know in your mind that only the middle square will show...crazy huh? i like it crazy!

then i take that photo into snapseed.

i just play around in snapseed.
my favorite buttons to adjust with are tune image(for brightness), details (for clarity), and drama (for.....dramatics, which i love).

then i save it to my camera roll and pick it up in instagram where i crop out the poloroid frame.

finally i usually add one of the instagram filters, but not always.
my favorites are valencia, sierra, nashville, and willow.
but i use um all!

so here is an example of my process in one photo:

step 1: regular camera

step 2: shakeitphoto

step 3: snapseed 
(adjusted brightness in "tune image", sharpened in "details" and chose a bright filter in "drama")

step 4: instagram
(crop out the poloroid frame and add earlybird filter)

now that i look at it, i sorta wish i'd skipped the earlybird filter and left it with no instagram filter.
lesson learned.

so, there you go.
i know half of you think that it's crazy to take four steps for an instagram.
but, it's just my deal i guess.
of course i don't ALWAYS do it.
and of course, if you try it, you should find your own style and favorites since the world would be boring if everyone followed the same 4 steps every time.
but i hope it inspired a little creativity today!
happy day!



  1. i love everything about your blog...just thought i'd let you know! your style, your little family...just so so precious.

  2. I agree with ^...you're truly one of my favorite people (blogs) to follow. Without even having to ask, I did want to know your photography secrets. Thank you x100!

  3. i'll have to go back and try this. i've always loved your ig feed. thank you so much for sharing. appreciate the time it took!

  4. SUCH a beautiful photo!
    i like to use little photo to edit with!
    so much fun!

  5. awesome.
    i'm always inspired and smiling when i see your pics.
    i have an android phone, so not sure i can get these apps, but will check them out mos def!

    and i adore the shot of y'all together, listening to the stories. sweet.

  6. your's is one of my favorite blogs to visit...
    love your pictures and your ability to capture the details of every day life.
    and your editing is wonderful.
    i use plain ol' instagram filters.. if i had to use another phone editing tool i would
    probably never post any pictures. i really need to be better about it though.
    and you inspire me to be better.

    and you inspire me to sit with my kids a little bit more.

    is it ok to add you on IG? (i'm not IG savvy and am not sure of the etiquette) i'm flor_lifeinprogress. xoxo