north shore adventure with the reed kids

hey so i got out my big girl camera!
i was so looking forward to this little trip where the kid's new babysitter showed me her favorite fish taco place and then we took pictures of the little guys together!
but it BARELY stopped raining for us to bring out our rebels....
no sun, but we still had some fun
and then ran back to the car before it could pour on us.
next time we need sunshine.
and, because i still try to be real about my photography journey, i have to share that bringing your super nice, pretty babysitter with you on a photo trip and then expecting your boys to listen to your voice at all, is not the best plan.
there was lots of showing off and even a bit of rebellion (you can see it in their faces in these pictures).
live and learn.
i love the photos anyway, they are of my real kids and their funny quirkiness.


  1. wait.
    this must mean that my kids are growing up, too!
    ella is looking more like a little lady every day.
    and i love your boys' shenanigans! they are so fun!

  2. Boys are so silly. I can't tell yours are showing off in these, but I get what your saying. I can totally tell when my boys are in a picture. Ella looks so grown up. And as usual your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. Awh great photos!! You have a great eye girl!!

  4. I love your blog very, very much.

  5. oh my goodness.....i want to be there. i want my kids to be there.......visually stunning.
    it's a very windy, stormy, wet rainy day here on vancouver island, bc, canada. the very opposite of flip flops in the sand (though as you said, it rained for you as well......) beth

  6. gosh your kids remind me of MY kids! the boys...little stinkers. the girl....little miss. love these :) and yaaaaaay!!! for a great babysitter. more precious than gold.

  7. Well, I applaud you for finding a babysitter already! And I cannot help but gasp at Ella's face...Shauna she is changing so much! Growing right up behind her brothers.

  8. I LOVE the one of Ella kissing Ty. His face is the best. Wonderful photos!

  9. Shauna, please contact me. I was one of your mother's best friends at CHS Tucson long ago and just learned of her passing by accident. I was so shocked and saddened. I tried getting a hold of her many times the past 10 years, to no avail of course. I, along with Brenda Myers, were very close with Cindy. My name is Tom - everyone called me "Greek" then. My email is Tavramis@gmail.com.