five is my favorite number.
there are five people in my little reed family.
and it's the amount of time i am giving myself to write this post.
and the number of pictures today.

remember how much i need time alone?
well, i don't get any time alone now-a-days, 
and God is really speaking to me about my ideas for what i need.
He is really stretching me to look for his help in places i haven't before.

after what seems like a solid two months straight with NO breaks from my kids,
i went out to lunch with my new friend.
yes, i am making a friend in hawaii.
she has teenage daughters who babysit, 
which is (for me right now) the best quality for a friend to have.
she took me to a hole in the wall japanese place 
then we went to ross and target
isn't that just. the. best?
i could just cry it was so needed.

we tried out a church on sunday and it was weird.
i mean church shopping is completely unknown to me.
but i think it went well and next sunday we are trying out another one.
so....one down, i guess?

i bought dye for my grey hair.
i'm nervous.
which is probably causing more grey.

i am really starting to count the days before we get to move into our house and get our stuff.
did you realize that we are still all living in a vacation rental with just the stuff from our suitcases?
things i miss most?
my bed, my printer, my sewing machine, ella's baby dolls (why didn't i pack those???), and....just about everything in my kitchen.
i realize now how spoiled i am...was....want to be again?

thanks for reading and always being so encouraging.
i had a really horrid day yesterday.
one of those really really bad ones where EVERYTHING goes wrong and you hurt yourself slamming something out of anger.
one of those ones where everything seems to be your husbands fault.
or hawaii's fault.
or stupid joe the shoes repair man's fault
(who apparently closes his shop on mondays, but i traveled 40 minutes into the middle of honolulu to pick up my husbands repaired shoes from him, and after parking in a huge parking garage and searching for his back ally store front for 20 minutes, found it out the hard way as it started to rain and i started to realize that i now can't find that huge dumb parking structure, so me and my three small children can just search around this city block for twenty more minutes as mommy starts to cry and pray we don't get mugged and the children start to panic and....did i mention it was raining? and that reedo couldn't pick them up because he had to go to the urgent care for a fever?)
so anyway!
thanks for being my friends and reading my run-on sentences
and putting up with numerous smelling and grammar errors, i'm sure.
i need the listening ear, and i am grateful.



  1. Oh, pal. Happy about your new friend. I'm gonna beat up all the other stuff for you.

  2. If I was there I would give you a hug. Hope today was much better. Always love you posts and the lovely pictures you take. Cx

  3. I always feel just a *little* bit silly commenting on your blog . . . since I don't know you and you don't know me . . . but oh well! silly it is!
    Moving is hard. And for HomeMakers, moving is downright painful! I feel your pain. Good luck with the next move - I hope the joy of having your KitchenAid again outweighs those boxes that got packed full of stuff you forgot you had and wished you'd donated to Goodwill! :)

  4. Hugs to you!! I missed why you're in HI, but I'm sure you'll remember the good parts of this adventure! I hear ya on needing alone time...and friend time...may that become more frequent for you!

  5. I'm so glad you got some time, but not so glad about the rainy day shoe mess. I hope your escrow finishes quickly, so you can get your comforts back!

  6. I didn't realize you were still living out of suitcases. Yuck. I hope your new house is coming soon. I'm sure having all your familiar things will help a lot! Moving is hard. Making new friends is hard. Finding a new church family is hard. You're doing great!

  7. girl, i've been unsettled for a year and a half, so i get it. i want a house...bad. i want all my stuff out...bad. i get mad sometimes. we all do. i don't get a lot of breaks from my kids...it gets long sometimes.

    new day.
    new mercies.
    new chances.


  8. i love your posts! every single one, mainly because they are so normal and honest. real life + beautiful pictures, what's not to love? it's pretty crazy that you've already been living this new life for 2 months! we are moving to japan this summer for my husband's job and we will be living out of our suitcases for months too, i am not ready. i will make a mental note now to remember to pack the baby dolls :)

  9. Oh girl...that is a day!! So glad you made a friend. That is a huge first step...and church hopping. Good for you. Never fun. It took us 8 to find the one we love. We still don't know people but we love the worship and the pastor speaks truth.

  10. your honesty is refreshing and, even though i don't know you personally, i really do pray for peace and joy for you everytime i read your blog lately. this transition is wild and weird, and it sounds like you are doing a really, really good job trying to be real about your struggle while appreciating the gifts the Lord sends your way. Though outwardly we're wasting away- inwardly we're being renewed day by day. Keep at it girl. You're awesome.

  11. sending extra prayers up for a better day today.

  12. hooray for making friends with teenaged daughters. i'm sorry you had such a bad day. how much longer until you are in your house?
    thoughts and prayers.

  13. damn those days.

    isn't sanctification the best? (sarcasm). i'm sorry for the hard time. it won't be like this forever.

  14. I use that haircolor... and that exact shade and it's heavenly. It's perfect. It works and it's cheap. Hope you like it as much as I do. Cheers to a better day!

  15. yay for a friend!! two years ago we found ourselves living in a far-from-home place (africa!) and i know how big of a deal those first friends are!! now we're approaching another move and i'm praying that transition comes quickly! praying for continued adjusting. :)

  16. well, i love you.
    also, church shopping gives me hives.
    praying for y'all to land quickly in the fellowship best for your sweet fam! xo

  17. Ahhh, moving to a new place is such a transition! hope your find sweet sweet fellowship:) love Katie