frame this moment

i don't feel very relaxed lately
but that doesn't stop life, does it?
life is still beautiful whether or not i notice.
but, when i am just not having much left over at the end of the day, 
when i have given all my energy up helping everyone with everything, 
i do try to just see some thing beautiful that happened.
to not over-think the little moments and wish for more, but to frame them in my mind.
and then to try and just sleep it off.

and thank God for new days.
and maybe possibly suggest, to Him, a few days where i am not sweaty, getting grey hair, breaking out, grouchy, and exhausted.

just a thought.
but what do i know.
nothing really.



  1. Oh yes, thank God each day starts out fresh!

  2. Amazing what a nap can do and a piece of chocolate... It can freshen up a so so day.

  3. May I ask how you edit your photos - they are beautiful.

  4. love the photos, esp. the first one!
    just keep seeing the beauty in the moments, that's all you can do.

  5. My family is also facing a major move (two actually) at the end of this month. My husband is moving to South Korea for a year and my 3 kids and I are going back to my hometown for the duration. Can I recommend this song/video? It's on constant play on my iPod. I can't figure out if it's about my husband and I, from God to me, or from me to my kids.

    Phillip Phillips "Home"