we can do it

i"m feeling a stronger today.
it's been a hard week.
a lot has to do with that reedo was gone and working on the mainland for most of it.
so during my second week in a new place i was alone in a strange house and neighborhood with my tiny children.

but i am feeling super happy that he's home 
and it's the weekend and we are going to take them to kailua tomorrow 
and we will be happy and together.

happy weekend friends.



  1. it's always so nice to have husband home.. just to have that extra support and help makes a big difference. i almost cried when my husband had to go back to work after 2 weeks of being at home (after #4 was born).
    love love those pictures of your adorable little girl!

  2. Ella is so perfect for these pictures:) I'm glad to hear that you've got your man back. That extra support can mean all the difference in the world. I would've been at my wits end if I were in your shoes.
    Hoping all goes well with the Escrow so you can at the very least have a place to call your own. I've been enjoying your pins lately:)
    Have a wonderful weekend and soak up the rays for those of us who are buried in snow right now!

  3. dear shauna,
    i want to commend you for making such a decision for you and your family. it is *SO HARD* to relocate your entire family to a completely unfamiliar place, especially when there was seemingly nothing going wrong in life before the big decision. my husband and i relocated our family to new york back in late '08 when we had a 3-month-old and an almost-two-year-old. there is nothing easy about the entire process at all. God stretched me thin but not completely away. in hindsight i'm grateful for it because it made me unselfish and immensely strong (i still have a ways to go in both areas, though!). you truly seem like an amazing mom who is making big hard decisions that you know will be best for you all. yes, usually those right decisions are the hardest and most radical in the world's view. but you are doing an awesome job. hang in there and enjoy your weekend!! : )

  4. Gorgeous pictures! It is my first time to your blog, and I am so glad to find you and follow! Do you give permission to pin? Thanks!

  5. Enjoy your weekend. I've had quite a few moves in my life. Big moves. Across ocean moves. Across hemisphere moves. It is a challenging time. But there have always been such good in each place I've been. Fond memories and good friends. I hope you settle in quickly and enjoy the new opportunities in your new home base. It takes time. Now I've lived where I am currently for 8 years I struggle not moving. Potentially missing out on adventures and experiences and good things and people at a new place. I'm embracing contenetment in where I am now- well, trying too. I love how you capture your children in your beautiful photos too. Cx

  6. These photos are all kinds of awesome! Kailua (well Bellows for us, we are military) was our favorite part of all the island, Ko Olina our 2nd favorite. ;)

  7. Oh my goodness those pictures are so cute!! Her little arm flexed is the best!!

  8. she is the cutest!
    hope the weekend was a joy.
    really blessed by your courage xoxo

  9. *swoon* These photos are profoundly adorable. And creative. And I just love them. You're nothing short of greatness, Shauna -- xoxo!

  10. This cuteness kills me!! Gotta be one of my fave pics! Yay for daddy being home!!! Totally know how hard days are when you're by yourself! I'm praying my man gets a day off soon before I have to check myself into the looney bin (and I'm not even on an island one million miles from all that's "home" surrounded by strangers and unfamiliarity) Way to go, Mamma!! You are awesome! xo