movin' on

i want to start by telling you thank you for your encouragement and kind words.
i am by myself over here, so far.
i have been so busy with just making sure my kids are transitioning and not melting down.
interacting with other grown ups is not number one for me yet.
i mean, we haven't even known what city we will end up in.
so, having your words and interaction is kinda keeping me sane, even though i can't really even respond to most of you.
just know i am so very grateful for your support.

also, i AM definitely planning to invest in getting connected with real live people as soon as we know where we will live. 

but for now, we had a good solid zoo day.
it was exhausting but good.
just like a zoo day should be.

we finished learning dividing three digit numbers with a lot of sweat and tears 
we read our beginning reader ten times
we struggled through our second grade reading comprehension papers

and then we headed for the beach.
this little cove is my new favorite beach for when i'm on my own with the kids.
it's not crowded and it seems like mostly locals and it has no waves so i don't stress about ella.
but then there is a wavy part too that had tide pools!
perfect, huh?

our time at the beach today was good.
i really needed that.
i spent the morning really stressing on homeschool stuff.
not hard things just new things that take a lot of my effort and make me feel like i'm not doing anything well.
just makes me realize how comfortable i was.
i guess stirred up is the way things are supposed to be now.
i'm not saying i like it.
i'm just saying i realize it.

and in other news, we are in escrow for a house!
i am so grateful.
but also holding lightly, as you do while in escrow...
and pinning house ideas like nobody's business, obviously.

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what do ya think?



  1. I feel ya on the homeschool sitch. Overwhelming! Have you considered taking some time to deschool and adjust? That's what some experienced hs moms I've met with have suggested to me. We're taking it slow for now. Hang in there! We re just in Kapolei in October. So beautiful. Have you taken a trip to Hanama Bay? That was our favorite spot during our stay. Kids snorkeled the day away.:)

  2. i'm impressed you food a house so quickly. i know change is hard but you seem to be walking through it gracefully. prayers.

  3. Speaking of tide pools...I wanted to tell you about a great Science curriculum we used called Exploring Creation: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. We all LOVED it. It is ocean-life based and Biblically based and it was great to go study the tide pools with a magnifying glass or sit under our umbrella at the beach and read about whales. We learned so much about our new ocean home and it was a much needed break from pulling our hair out over fractions!

  4. what a blessing to have a good day!
    they are SO welcome in the midst of the chaos of life, no?
    and a house, so soon? that's terrific!
    i hope you are still practicing lots of grace in the home school department, because you just should.

  5. The beach sounds like a great way to balance a stressful day. Of course I find the beach a smudge stressful too...sand, sunscreen...sand! Excited about your house hopeful it will work out for you.

  6. wishing you the very best in this move Shauna!
    as the others have said, give yourself some grace (or lots of it).
    you are going through ALOT in a very short period of time (hello.. selling house,
    moving, friends, finding new house, homeschooling, etc etc).. that is ALOT to deal with!!
    for now just take it one day at a time and soon enough you'll get the hang of it :)
    hugs to you!

  7. "i guess stirred up is the way things are supposed to be now."
    Girl. You're doing it. You're letting yourself be stirred. It looks different for all of this, but you're being made beautiful. er.

    I CANNOT imagine schooling my kids on top of a gigantic move. Yay you! Wish I could float on over and take you out for lunch. Do they have good salsa there?