some things that we do

somethings that we do:
walk across the street to "our beach" for recess

wiggle and wiggel and wiggle loose teeth

love our "guys"

find our "beach style"....where oh where can i find the lady version of these????

treat ourselves after a long days work

snuggle and snuggle and snuggle

shower outside...i am definitely getting one of these in our next house. it's a miracle i tell you.

"snack stations" for math, writing, reading, computer, and marker drawing

yes, this week i feel like i rounded a corner.
i am SLOWLY but surely finding my stride.
i think the prospect of our new home really helps me.
i had spent a long amount of time having where we were going as a real mystery.
and now, i feel like just having a general idea of where we will be is such a relief.



  1. I just bought the lady version of those sandals here!!


    Love them!!

  2. So true about the snack stations! I've never seen my daughter request so many snacks before we started homeschooling! Easy access I suppose?

    That outdoor shower is awesome too. You should definately get one. ;)

  3. so glad you are feeling better.
    we had a first front tooth out this week, too! :)
    i have always, always, ALWAYS wanted an outdoor shower.
    it's just GOTTA happen someday!

  4. Yay!! I knew you guys would find your rhythm! I hope everything with the escrow goes smoothly!

  5. oh how i wish i was your next door neighbor!!! i absolutely love a beach existence, which we do have, but on vancouver island BC canada things are no doubt a little wetter, a little cooler, and a little greyer than your beach! loving your blog. a daily dose of sunshine, and warm beach life with my morning coffee. : ) beth

  6. Shauna, I have only recently started reading your blog and I love it. I believe you to be one of the bravest women because you and your family have taken on a very difficult journey. It is hard leaving your family and friends and moving off to a brand new place and starting all over. You are being so brave and strong for your children and husband. This is such a great new adventure and learning experience for your children and what an amazing role model you are to them for accepting change and making the best of it all.
    I look forward to following your family's journey and seeing where it takes you. Enjoy your beautiful day as I send love from Virginia and our balmy 14 degrees morning:)

  7. love this. and you let me know if you find the "lady version" of those! :)