win some, loose some

i'm not the only one that is loving our new little portable record player from targs.
i thought i might be
only half of my "super fun" mommy ideas are ever really embraced.
if that.
but the record thing has taken hold.
Sleeping beauty is a favorite of the little sweetheart.
(jake and ty LOVE this vintage peter cottontail one, i have to take a photo and share it...tomorrow)

here is the thing with trying to explore new places and everyone having expectations...
it's hard to manage.
reedo and i feel bad for stirring things up by moving to hawaii, so we try and make people happy by finding "new" fun places and things to do.
but that creates a lot of tension, i'm telling you.
are we going to a beach that has waves to surf?
can ella swim there?
are there going to be a billion tourists?
is everyone smiling?
did we bring lunch or will we have to find a place (besides mcdonalds and japanese food)?
none of these are huge problems.
but all together, they get exhausting to manage.

still, there is beauty all around and i am learning how to look for it here

we visited the north shore for the first time this weekend.
it was rad.
if it wasn't like 2 hours away from reedo's office, we'd live there, hands down.
it's painfully quaint.

we did minimal schoolwork today.
trudged ahead in geometry (my fav) and jake's kauai report
ty decided to work on critical thinking.
um, i don't think he's much of a critical thinker.
when ever he does this book it ends up looking like this...

also, i'm finding some good thrift shops here! 

that's it.
we are still here.
we are still living out of suitcases.
i drive by my new house, down the street, everyday.
i'm more than ready.


  1. I love that last picture:) Hope you have a great week!

  2. great photos. you will settle in. just takes time. we use that critical thinking book too :)

  3. i had to laugh about the mommy ideas not being embraced-- i'm quite sure that 99% of mine don't. i can see how trying to make everyone happy, teach three little people and settle into a new place without all of your stuff would be so exhausting in a million different ways. oh and i cannot wait to see your new place with all of your old stuff but with a hawaiian twist. love it. hang in there, shauna.

  4. oh your new blog design looks soooooo great!! i love it!! i'm so anxious to change mine but need to be in a new space too before I know what that looks like. also, not exactly top priority right now. you're doing a more than great job, i know it, in making a new life for your people. and when you get into your own space, you'll feel so much better expressing your own big girl self in your homemaking again. love you. so proud of you.

  5. looking for beauty is so important. i struggle with that sometimes.
    love your pretty thrifting finds. treasures.


  6. Hello from Australia. I love your blog, and am so happy to look at all your new pictures each time they appear. I just wanted to say, please be kind to yourself. Every thing the kids have to go through, missing old ways, and adjusting to new ones, you do too. Only you have to deal with it for yourself, and three littles as well. That's one tough gig Mama. Hang in there. X

  7. We just moved from there last summer and loved the north shore there is a little cove that we always went to in haleiwa it is at Alii beach park also 2 places to eat very family friendly is cholos Mexican and storto's deli they have great fresh sandwiches get the papaya dressing Good luck we were there 4 years and loved every minute of it