frame this moment

don't forget!
frame your moments.
you'll look back on them and the stress of life will fall away, just a tiny bit.
here is mine this week.

the moment she could feel the rain on her face

what was yours?


  1. A stunning moment, I am joining you :) Even searching for my choice this week, brightened my day ~ thanks!

  2. framable, lovely moment indeed! my baby girl has those same fringed boots - they could not be cuter. i covet that afghan, too!

  3. love it!! defiantly need a huge canvas of this one

  4. what a moment!
    i loved making a point to capture a real true moment to share.
    it's inspiring me in all kinds of ways.
    thanks for that friend!

  5. I miss Ellareed. And you.
    And daisies are my favorite. And I have been eyeing a similar afghan on Etsy. Which I am now going to buy. Shopping my feelings away tonight. yep.

  6. gorgeous!!
    i didn't forget yesterday, something else just swelled in my heart that i shared instead. you are on my calendar, and i am grateful you have me framing moments. in my phone, journal and in my heart.

    love ya!

  7. it's too much. love it and love you to pieces, Shauna.

  8. wow i adore that! i found you via lucky number 13 and am so goinmg to join in xxxxx