ella plays dress up

I like feeling pretty.
And so does Ella.

Honestly, I have been dragging the last few days.
Just not wanting to be happy about my job.
I could list complaints about each of my kids and just about everyone else too.....accept you ;).....
I am not sure why this kind of thing happens to me. The same life, the same responsibilities, the same family, but I just wake up one day in a phase of bearly making it through....wierd.
I don't feel pretty.
I feel tired, sad, annoyed, I am yelling alot, I see the scowl lines between my eyebrows in the rear view mirror, I don't want to do anything I normally do.....why?

So with that in mind, you can look at these pictures of Ella and see my attempt at finding beauty though my wierd depressing haze. I know it's here somewhere, but my eyes and nerves can seem to see it!
I know that next week (or maybe, please, please, please tomorrow) I will be back to my normal deal of being grateful and fun and energetic and willing to work hard, but right now I can't seem to find my happy place.....
At least my daughter is cute.
But this super fun dress up session ended in tears and a penelty box. And Ella saying "no more naughty boice". :(
I suck.
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  1. PMS? Snap out of it! I can come smack you if you want;) Great pics of Ella...Girl has some yummy calves on her!

  2. Nate's feelings today were: "jealous" and "broken." We got a chance to talk about heaven and the day when all the "broken" will be gone!! We said that we kind of want to be there now. And how that's called hope. Love you. LP

  3. ahhh my friend. So have been there, so am there way too many days. Mommyhood is just hard sometimes. Just want you to know how many times I log into your site to be inspired to be a better mommy. You are amazing, even in the foggy days. kids are very forgiving. XXXOOO

  4. We can't taste the sweetness without the bitterness. And so it is with being a mommy. You're not alone!! We've all been there, and will be again. The most important thing is that you are aware of it...

    because tomorrow is another day...