there is something so great about a quiet house.
yes, yes, I know that someday I will be a lonely woman wondering what happened to the child-filled days....
but today, when everyone has a quiet activity to do, whether it's legos or naps or didj(as seen above) or leapster or journals or coloring books,
i am grateful for the quiet.

there has been an incredible amount of talking lately and honestly, i am tired.
just for a taste,
the latest subjects that i have addressed are....

Jake-my fifth favorite color, why is nothing free, why does he need to get a job someday, the birds and the bees :)(yep.),why is everyone else out of school but him, every level of every stage of super mario brothers

Ty-why am i going on a trip to "berizon" with daddy, who will snuggle me when you are gone, i like to put my hand in my pants(puts hand in WAISTBAND of shorts) just like my daddy :),do you want to bring this tiny toy to "berizon" so you can remember that i am your son?,

Ella-TONS of potty words(Ex: "Ella, lets go up to bed!" "ok peepee, poopoo") EVERYTHING can be changed to a potty word for her, telling me she doesn't like my clothes, her telling me what to do(from driving through to get a diet coke to getting out of her room), telling me she wants "lone time", my constant thermometer for fun "that was fun mom! let do it again next time" or " I not like that! I'm MAD!"

So as you can see, I am sorting through LOTS of feelings!
more than I can even share here.

Quiet is my friend.

Kauai is my friend.....i am coming to you soon, my happy friend.....so soon.
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