Happy Summer! My first Reed Life Give Away!!!!!!

So here you go!

I made a "Happy Summer" banner just for one of you!

You must be a follower of "The Reed Life" to be in the drawing, though....

I see some have signed up already, but if you haven't and want to be in the running for this adorable banner(and the ONLY one who will exactly match mine ;) then DO IT!

If you don't know how, all you have to do is click on the button that says "follow" right above the list of other followers(scroll down and on the left). Then, if you already have a google, twitter or yahoo account you can sign in through that, otherwise there is an option below to make yourself a google account(come on, you will do it eventually since google is taking over the world:). Then whenever you sign in to your Google account you will see my little blog updates and anyone else you decide to follow! SO EASY!

And so, you have 5 days to do this.
This Friday I will draw a name and post who won!
Then I'll get your address and send it to you right in time for school to be out!!!

Happy summer!


  1. hey shauna...i'm laura, bearden's wife (friend of eric's from college). eric pointed me in the direction of your blog via FB. you make such cute things and as a new mom, who also loves to make things, i am trying to figure out how you get it all done! :)
    i have a running list of goodies to make, but just can't get to it 1/2 the time. main problem is organization! working on it! anyway, just wanted to say hi. love how fun your blog is!