naughty snacks are ok

this is a recent discovery I have made!
animal crackers and nutella(this is the swirly one with vanilla)
oh baby! so goooooood!
I get them both from Cost Plus World Market.....there are some suuuuuuper yummy snacks there!
check it out to try some new stuff for summer.
I really just need some happy new things to try since we are going into a season where I am completely in charge of any and all fun to be had :)
snacks are my favorite....but wait and see what I will share soon about our Reed family crafts this summer!!!!
it's gonna be good....i hope.


  1. Is Nutella considered a naughty snack? I mean it has skim milk, hazelnuts, and just a little cocoa, that's all good stuff, right?

    My favorite is Nutella/Banana crepes on Saturday morning, delish!!

  2. YUM!
    We love this snack at our house too...although sometimes we use pretzels instead of animal crackers to add some saltiness into the mix.