another set of eyes

first of all
thank you for the supportive response to my post about my marriage.
it was hard to post.
after-all i did have to go through the extra step of getting it approved by reedo and then, of course, the conversations that would follow a post like that :)
i am really glad i did it though since apparently i'm not the only one out there who feels like a lame lady who apparently has to work HARD at just being my husband's friend!
i was glad that you all piped up to comment too because then other people saw that and saw that lots of people feel the same way and that just helps sometimes, ya know?
i think marriage being hard work can be surprising for some.
especially if you had a pretty romantic idea when you got married (or got married at 21 or something...not naming names)
so, anyway, thanks for that.

i think feeling not alone in your thoughts and feelings is one of the reasons blogging is so therapeutic.
and that brings me to another idea that i have been having lately.
which is revolving around me trying to figure out my own motives for things and then analyze them..surprise surprise!
i ask myself why i like to take photos and then share them.
and i think the answer is that i want to see the beauty around me and try and capture it (like i've said before) but then, wouldn't just taking the picture be enough?
but i like to show you.
and i think, why do i show you?
and i have to tell you that lots of times my kids do or say something brilliant or i capture one of their beautiful faces with my camera and i STILL think, after 9 years, i have to show my mom...
she would get this.
after all these years i have learned to manage the loss of being able to share with her.
i call my sisters.
i have good friends.
and guess what?
i've realized lately that sharing with you and getting your feedback really helps fill that void too.
so i took this picture.....

and thought...
i can't wait to show....YOU!
i mean WOW!
isn't she so beautiful?
(ok, its not quite the same as my mom...i wish i could just look at this picture with her and exclaim about it with her....but, on the other hand i am so glad to be able to share it at all)
so thank you friends.
thank you for being another set of eyes.
it makes me feel less alone.
it really does.
and that is Jesus business in my life.
trading loneliness for joy.



  1. I can not stress enough how much I love your blog! You have really helped me. I lost my mom 14 months ago and it still takes my breath away how much I miss her, how much I need her. So thank you for being so open and honest. And yes your daughter is beautiful!!!

  2. I love your heart and you bring so much joy into my life with you sharing your heart Thankyou!

  3. perfect. jesus business is my favorite kinda business. and He's given you that eye, that talent for a reason too. doesn't that mean He can't wait to show others something through you too?

  4. Hi, Shauna. I'm Jacci. I've been reading your blog for the last month or so... trying to get a feel for it... to see what you're about... whether or not I should keep coming back. I'm an analyzer, too. BIG TIMES. I mean, I'm Reformed Baptist, for pity's sake. That's what we DO. We analyze our own sinful hearts!!! ;) And I understand what you're saying.

    I don't usually hang around on the "pretty pretty" blogs much. They too often don't seem genuine enough for me. I like take-me-as-I-am. All that to say - I think I'm getting you. You're a creative. An artist. And the beautiful photographs are an expression of what's inside you and your family. You're *creating prettiness on purpose* as well as, sometimes, celebrating the prettiness that just happens. But, you're not trying to pretend that the pretty is always there.

    What I like about getting to "know you" so far is that you balance all of the gorgeous planned shoots and fabulous unplanned snapshots with the rough edges of real life this side of glory. You're honest. And open. And you're about Jesus business... sometimes hard, sometimes messy. All of which I love.

    So, I like you. That's all I wanted to say. Thanks for being transparent.

  5. I like Jacci in Ohio's comment. :)
    And I love being one of the people that gets to see your pictures.

  6. Yes, she is so beautiful. I always go to your posts first when they pop up on my roll. Love your photos and grateful you share them. I learn and am so inspired by them. Thanks. Cx

  7. You are right. She is a beautiful girlie.
    I'm glad God gave you a place to help, even the littlest bit, in the missing of your mama.
    It must just ache.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Love from,

  8. Love that you open your heart and voice to all...And the photo is stunning!!

  9. can i just say that all of what you share is good for my soul?
    cause it is. but i've probably told you that before.
    p.s. baaaaaaaahh! that photo is crazy amazing.

  10. thank you for sharing, what a STUNNING picture!
    I am very amazed at your openness, honesty and I just
    have to say you are in my top 5 favorite blogs because of it.
    I love your heart.
    thanks for sharing this picture, and if your mom were to see it,
    she would be AMAZED and overjoyed!

  11. Yes! you are right! BEAUTIFUL.
    I love that you said, trading lonliness for joy. That is also beautiful!

  12. You are just too sweet. I love that you are vulnerable. And you miss your mama. And it makes me more thankful for my mama, cause I hardly realize how I love that my mama thinks my kids are so great. Thanks for that.

    And it really is a pretty picture. ;)

    1. this is my favorite kinda of comment! so glad i could be part of your remembering to be thankful for what you have heather! thank you for sharing it!

  13. Shauna your blog is great. Not because it's pretty (even though it is!), not because you are a GREAT photographer ( you are!) and not because your kids are so darn cute (they really are!).....I love your blog because you bring you to each and every post. I don't know you in real life ( really wish I did!), but I so enjoy your posts and reading your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.
    PS. Can we be instagram friends? I would really love that.
    @faithfulcitymouse :)

  14. I think your daughter looks like an angel. Love reading your blog - it's one of my favorites that I visit daily. You are so inspirational and uplifting. Thanks for your smile :)