a million reasons...

there are a million reasons why i maybe shouldn't have let my kids stay home from school today.
there are a million reasons why i maybe shouldn't have gotten them donuts either....
(the bazzilion dollar recent dentist report being just one of them)
there are a million reasons (day light savings, jet lag, lady nonsense) why i am so tired by two o'clock everyday this week that it is all i can do not to just close...my... eyes....
sometimes all those million bazillions of reasons need to be let go of and we've gotta to just do what we've gotta do.

i needed a day with my kids to just hang out.
jumping on the bed, playing legos, snuggling, watching old episodes of the backyardigans, eating tons of strawberries from the farm, watercoloring, wearing my ugg boots all day and....

getting some donuts.

(ok ok, because of said recent dentist visits, we DID brush three times today and floss at night!)


  1. i canNOT get enough of those sweet freckles!
    {or krispy creme donuts, for that matter}
    sounds like a super fun day.
    the kind that your kids will look back on and always remember 'when mom let us stay home from school, and got us donuts'!
    love it.
    and the backyardigans!

  2. I wish I could come take photography lessons from you! Your composition is amazing and you always get some fabulous captures :) Maybe one day you'll be taking students - haha!

  3. awesome :) in many ways.

    glad for you, that you chose to make these memories. one day home from school won't hurt anyone.

  4. Awww, these are adorable. Love the freckles on everyone:)

  5. Such great pictures!!! How are you editing your pictures now??? Weren't you using Picnik before???

  6. Krispy Kreme should pay you for these. :)

  7. This totally inspired me to take my kids to Krispy Kreme.
    And I agree with Shelly.
    You are fabulous.
    Love from,

  8. we homeschool.

    and i NEED (we need) a ditch school for donuts day, SOON!