thirty one years ago my life changed forever.
i became a big sister.

when i was almost 2 years old, my sister Valerie was born.
and i had a playmate for the rest of my life!
we did everything together.
and if you don't believe me....i can show you!

 we dressed alike and held hands and had the same friends and played with the same toys for a long long time!
i am so blessed to have had her in my life.
can you see where i get my love for taking pictures of my kids!?

valley girl. 
i am so glad you were born!
you are a shining star!



  1. Your sis and I share a birthday! Happy Birthday, Valerie!

    PS, your genes run strong through your kiddos :)

  2. Kim, that is what I'm thinking. Ella could pass as VAL in some of those shots!

  3. this is so precious to me! I have a 2 year old girl and we have another little one on the way and just found out it's a girl! SISTERS! This is exactly what I see my little girls being like. What a sweet post!

  4. happy bday to your sister!
    and WOW, all THREE of your kids look EXACTLY LIKE YOU!
    it's AMAZING! seriously strong genes in your familY!
    beautiful ones!
    cute cute pix!

  5. pictures of you two bring tears to my eyes. you are both so cute and there is nothing like sisterly love. i am also greatful for the bond i have with my sisters.

  6. Shauna, Ty looks just like you as a kid!! And that pic at the top is so Jake's face :) ps I recognize that BR cake!!

  7. i can definately see your babies in you...or the other way around. something like that...y'all look alike! :) sisters are the bee's knees. happy day to your sis.