little moments

thanks for the reminder, sharky's....

mommy: who are you making that bracelet for ella?
ella: jake.
mommy: ohhhh, very springy! that's nice of you.
ella: he's being mean to me today, so i thought i make him one anyway since i still love him....

ty loves being able to read.
isn't there just such a sense of relief when they can finally do that?
like you've been all locked up in a box and you are finally free?!

i made magic strawberry sauce the other day.
it is good for ANYTHING.
my favorite is in champagne....

look at this cute little buddy jake made!
it from the easy craft sets at michaels.
i didn't lift a finger!

think of a wonderful thought....
it's the same as having wings!


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  1. that little story about ella making the bracelet for jake - made my heart smile!! presh.