The Easter Package

A very special package arrived at our house yesterday. When Jake, Ty and Ella see these packages, they now just KNOW that they are going to be full of pure joy. Packing peanuts, reasons to cut tape, Easter baskets, glowing wand/swords/light sabor thingys, CANDY, stuffed "guys", stickers, PEEPS.....I am telling you PURE REED KID JOY! On top of it all, they now remember that I tend to just let them just have a free for all when it arrives since it is from thier special grandma and grandpa. I let them eat alot of it in the moment since this is not the norm and I feel like it's fine for them to overdose on sugar a few times a year...what the heck!

SOOOOOO, A great big "thank you" to Grandpa Ron and Grandma Penny for ALLLLLL the treats!
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  1. What amazing grandparents!! I want a big, fun package like that. Your kids are truly blessed to be surrounded by such love. Happy Easter!!