i am introducing a new addition to "the reed life" called: "hey, guess what?"
it will be my random thoughts and NOT some deep thing, just info that may not merit a whole seperate phone call, but may call for more than a facebook update. got it?

here i go....

hey, guess what?

i got up at 5am today. I am trying a new thing,where i get up early to prepare for my crazy day by putting on makeup, reading my Bible, making breakfast, drinking tea, listening for God's voice, watching my house change as the sun rises. crazy huh? but i feel great so far.....maybe ask my on Thursday how i feel?
this is something that God has asked me, personally, to do, and I am pretty pumped about it. I love when HE clearly directs me! For me, this time his voice came in the 31st Proverb, my children's rushed morning, a blog i read that mentioned a 5am club, my friend Leslie(yes, believe it or not your conversation DID spur me on!), and a misconception that the time change would HELP and not hinder this big change(thanks alot for mentioning the fact that I thought the WRONG thing Eric, Robin, and Leslie ;) ha ha! oh well! it wasn't a deciding factor- i still did it this morning! yeh me! thanks Lord!

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  1. I love this!! I love when we listen and follow, how great the blessings will be. I need to start waking up earlier, maybe you have inspired me...