I am the loud one.

Yes, it is true. I forgot. I am the loud one. When not competeing with a two, four, or six year old, I am loud and tend to dominate a conversation.
I was lucky enough to spend this WHOLE last weekend with my friends traveling to and from Cambria and spending two LUXURIOUS nights with just grown up ladies there! It was so amazing!

But I also have to admit that when I do things like this I get a little scared. Scared because there is very limited time in my life when I just do what I want, go where the wind takes me and relate to people without strict managing of my schedule being involved. When I do have this freedom, it is very disorienting and I am not sure if I like my place in the group.....I mean I am who I am, buuuuuut man! When I actually have to deal with myself after my kids are more grown and not needing my every breath to be about them, I am gonna have some seriously annoying stuff to deal with! I am loud. And I try to be funny alot. And really, it really just makes me think of "high school Shauna" and want to start freaking out...not that I was that bad, it's just that was then, and this is now. I thought I'd come farther than that. Not sure what that even means.

Just thought I'd warn you.


  1. You can be loud and funny, but I've never found you to be obnoxious or inappropriate. Please don't try to be someone you're not - I love your feisty little personality!

  2. i love all sides of you. loud, funny, snarky and most of all i love the side of you that so badly wants to be wise and discerning and i love that you will always give me the honest answer because you know my heart too. you are a priceless piece to the puzzle of my life.