Dana Point

Saturday is the 7th anniversary of my mom's leaving this world to begin her real life in heaven.

My sister Valerie and I met this morning to walk out to the point of Dana Point beach and remember how her ashes are scattered out there(where that red buoy is, see it?). We put her favorite flowers into the water and watch as daffodils floats around being tossed by the waves, just as we did 7 years ago . Then there were hundreds of floating blooms that all some how stayed in clusters and made blankets over the clumps of seaweed. We watched in our boat as my dad emptied, into the ocean, what was left of my moms earthly shell. Knowing fully that her body was gone but her soul was not. She was just separated from us for now......with her Savior until the day we will be reunited.
We have this tradition of visiting that special place every year and each year we have different combinations of family, different events happening in our lives, different pain and different joys. There may be a year that I haven't made it all the way out to the point because of babies, years when we come separately, years when one of has had a heartbreak, years when there has been a new addition to our family, and there will be many years to come with our lives changing each time.
Our lives go on.....
I can't help but wonder if my momma sees us.
What does she think of us?
I know we miss her....so much. But her death has spurred on growth in me that is so invaluable, that it is hard to wish away even the horrible pain that has come with our loss. She taught me more than anyone else in her life and the same is true in her death. What a story she has! I can only hope to have a story that has that much power and love and faith and honor and strength. She trusted her God and he allowed his fruit to shine through her and bless us that were able to call her our mother and our best friend. Thank you, Lord.

I love you, Mom.

See you soon...
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  1. good thoughts shauna... didn't know about your little tradition... but it sounds healty. I never remember this date... but May 21;-)

  2. I cried. I love you and the blessing and inspiration you are in my life, thank you for your sharing your story always.

  3. teary...and loving that a woman whom I never had the honor of actually meeting still impacts me all the time through her legacy and her daughters.