Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!...you may be a loved mommy if...

You may be a loved mommy if:

Your kids argue about who gets to take you to Anthropologie(pronounced am-pro-plol-lol-gee) on your birthday

Your 4 year old asks to take you to the chocolate store for your birthday, then tears up a little when we are not at the one he was expecting that has the mint frogs( so specific and thoughtful!)

Your kids all agree to take you to the Mission for a birthday treat (do kids really like the mission? I am sure not, but they KNOW I do!)

Everyone agrees to go to Jerry's Woodfired dogs for lunch! I love um, they love um, everyone is happy!


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  1. SO many bits of happiness, I lost count! So happy for your happy today. And don't forget about the imaginary bouquet I picked for you in my heart :)