the reed kids go to the dirt

my kids are constantly asking me to take them "up to the dirt" and yesterday i finally gave in.

"the dirt" is the undeveloped area at the topof our street and this time of year it is dressed in yellow mustard and lots of grasses and I am always hoping to spot any wild sweet peas( never happened, but i can hope can't i?)

they ran around and i had lots of stress about rattlesnakes since lots of people around our house have spotted them lately.....good stuff

this all looks so pretty, but i have to be honest, my kids were notinto my program on this trip. too bossy and stressed. lame. maybe next time I'll be nicer? maybe?

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  1. awww. I adore that last little comment that totally keeps it real!
    Otherwise I would totally look at the pictures and believe that life was perfect and unattainable for the likes of me.