these are my 4 pictures- by Ty Reed

I have some fun time with my friends. Nate is my best friend. When I look at my pictures it makes me laugh. I felt happy when my brother and I threw rocks at the beach. I wish I was playing with red toad and LEGOS. I love playing Foosball with my daddy and my big brother. I am Ty and I am funny.
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  1. Ty,
    I think you are so funny too! and I love those special pictures of your life! you have a great life and I am glad to be you mommy! we will take some pictures of you and me splashing in puddles together soon, since I know you was hoping for a picture of that.
    i love you,

  2. Dear Ty, I like you because you just sent me that funny thing. And I like you because you said "I am funny" in it. And you are the best! I love when you said you are my best friend. Done. Love, Nate.