hey guess what? (a sad story)

hey guess what?
there was a black crayon in my dryer.
it got on all my stuff.
i sulked.
i stormed around.
i cried.
i convinced myself that my husband was thinking about how incompetent i was.
i allowed myself to feel lonely.
i convinced myself that i am incompetent.
i took inventory of the ruined stuff (three new special summer dresses for ella, my vintage SPECIAL table cloth from grace, tons of kids clothes that aren't old, the running shorts that Eric wanted right then, my favorite jammie pants.......)
i cried somemore.
i scrubbed out the dryer.
i thought about how i was scrubbing instead of making a special dinner.
i thought about how was scrubbing instead of reading my book.
i felt SUPER selfish.
i felt ridiculous for crying over stuff.
i came down, opened a pack of Reese's pieces, and read this SCL post:

Thinking you’re naked.
(go ahead click on it!)

that list that i had in my head of all those lies was pretty long!
who told me i was selfish?
who told me i was lonely?
who told me i was incompetent?

my answer:
the enemy is SO quick to get me!
Satan would love to ruin my Easter.
He tried.
God provided me a "wake up" through this SCL post!
Keep you eyes open for lies trying to ruin you Easter! or your life.

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  1. Sorry about the clothes, but good job on being open to God's "wake up"!

    Worth a try:
    Hot Water
    regular amount of detergent
    1/2 cup borax
    1/2 cup baking soda
    1/2 cup spray and wash or shout or something similar
    generous squirt of Dawn

    Happy Easter!

  2. oh sissy.

    i'm so so sorry. wish i could have been there to bring you a big D.C.

    love you so.

  3. This is a very old post but I had to let you know that I have also washed and dried a crayon. An orange one, and it melted all over dark clothes. But...I won't just match you, I'll outdo you. Somehow one of my fancy cloth diaper made it through the wash and into the dryer, while it was velcroed shut. Imagine the crayon mess, only poop scented. Oh yes, the tears, the tears...

    I called my friend's mother. She said "They didn't tell you about that in the parenting books, did they?" Nope, they certainly did not.