things that matter to me in my life- by Jake Reed

Hi! I am Jake Reed. These are the 4 pictures that show things that matter to me in my life. I like playing with my friends. I like playing with my LEGOS. Foosball is the fun thing to play at my house. My brother and I jump in puddles and the mountains of dirt! I am awesome! It's fun being me!
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  1. Jake, you ARE awesome. I'm so glad you're Jake and that we are your friends. You're so cool, and good at so many things, like Legos and loving God and being a big brother. All the Padgetts enjoy your company!

  2. Jake,
    I think your "reed life" post is great! I love the pictures you picked and the cool green color. I am glad you like being you, since you are one of my very favorite people in the world.
    love, mom

  3. this is great!! i'm inspired:). i think the kru kids might have to try this exercise too.