New Favorite Song

So are you listening to this new song on my ipod?
It is my new favorite song.
When I have a new favorite thing, I just want to show it to everyone so that I can share it!
That is something I am starting to realize about myself through blogging.
I love sharing things I love, it makes me feel great when you like it too!
This song, that you hear on my ipod, "It's not Impossible",
was shared with me by my darlin Gracie.
So now I love it too.....
and now you will....
and so on....
Sadly, usually when I have a favorite thing(song,purse,dress, place to eat) I tend to over-do it until I am sick of it.....
I hope I don't do that this time :/
But, oh well, it's worth it, this song is so good....
Give me a comment if you are into it with me!

1 comment:

  1. isn't he just the best? Have you bought the rest of his songs from that album? i can't wait for you to. i am just gunna e-mail them all to you.

    i love you.