another singing vlog!

hi everyone!
i've missed you!
but also, i have loved the break.
we have been so busy (and still are!)
with some summer camps and VBS..
not to mention the happiness that is my sister staying with us for a week!
it's been crazy.
the good kind.
so as a little offering of good will and just to start me off again with a little something that just might be a bit ....embarrassing? out of my comfort zone?
here is a video of ella and i singing another favorite.

and just to clarify, this is hard to post.
i do it because it pushes down my pride-fullness in wanting to be different than i am (skinnier, quieter, more clever, have as good a voice as my sisters)
and also because i KNOW ella will love this someday...so there.
this is just me.
and ella.
she is beyond cute!
she is my shield and my comfort blanket of the situation.

didn't the video get off track last time too!
but i ain't doin' again people!
at least ella's part is perfect!
happy day!
glad to be back!


  1. You two are so precious!! I loved it. :-)

  2. That is THE best!!! You made me cry. Don't ever forget those moments with her!!! And PLEASE do it again.... & go off track, that is the best part, watching you guys together. u r soooo blessed!! Love u

  3. So stinkin cute! It's perfect...and you're right, someday you will be so happy to have this!

  4. Oh my gosh...this the sweetest thing ever, Shauna. She will never forget her time with you :)

  5. hit those high notes, girl! she is too cute. welcome back!

  6. Aww so cute! I love the part where she's singing it and has to get hair out of her mouth, that was cute. And your voice is beyond good, it's so beautiful, and it's so cute how she loves to hear you sing it! So special.- Debbie Buckner