insta friday

wanta know what us reeds have been up to this week?
i not saying that we are are getting sick of each other.
but i will say that there is a bit more tension between the kids and i and the kids and each other this week.
just a bit.
for ella school starts in two weeks and for the boys three...bittersweet.

mommy time

friends time

ella time
(this is what i look like before i fill in my eyebrows- pretty sparse, i tell ya)

outside toaster station time
(this has been an amazing addition to summer this year! no inside mess for one meal of the day!)

cafe rio time
sonic time
oh yes.

ella and i got matching hats.
hers: H&M
mine: target

my car hit 111,111 miles
do i get to make a wish or something?

first time making toffee crack
i did this to redeem the day that my fridge/freezer turned off and completely defrosted.
we had to throw hundreds of dollars worth of meat and stringcheese and chicken dinos and frozen food and sourcream and (lets be honest) maybe some stuff that really needed to go.
but we still had ramen, mac and cheese, saltines, canned peaches and THIS.

the reed ninja bros. brought a friend to karate on thursday.

i made my own pinto beans for the first time yesterday. yum! (and cheap)

oh good heavens....look what's coming to our mall!
that's gonna be expensive.....

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  1. My boys would freak over a Lego store! I'm so jealous!! Or am I?

  2. i hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I love all of your pics. And homemade pinto beans, Oh my. That's awesome:)

  4. oh man, wyatt would never stop harassing me about the lego store! ever. love your week in pictures, super cute one of you in the car, i am kind of stalking that shirt i think ; )

  5. I tried to make beans once. It did not go well. At all. For my bean obsessed girls it is a skill that I need.
    You are so right with the extra tension amongst the wee ones.
    Just LOVE EACH OTHER!!!! I scream as I hide in the pantry eating my feelings.

  6. soo fun, shauna :) those beans look delish! and my boys would DIE for that store nearby!

  7. Toffee crack. i blame you @joyshope HA !! i have been insanely addicted. I made TWO batches this week. Cute pictures as usual :)

  8. I would love the pinto bean recipe!

  9. super cute pics! i am LOVING the outdoor toaster station! you are brilliant! awesome outfit, by the way! love your style.

  10. Matching hats...awesome! Outdoor toaster station? Even more awesome!

  11. my car hit 111,111 this week too!!!!
    craig asked if i took a picture. :)
    i will just say.......i am very happy that school started.