a thank you and a new baby

let me start today by saying thank you.
thank you for supporting my journey of motherhood by listening and responding to my post on playdates.
(if you missed it click here)
thank you for giving me your input.

i got many responses from homeschooling mommas that are feeling similar feelings that i do.
i do love a good homeschool family.
did you know that i was homeschooled until 3rd grade?
so i have a special place in my heart for that commitment.
i don't homeschool....but you never know if it will become part of our story at some point.

and let me just add and clarify that my feelings about playdates are just that, mine.
different people have different needs and you may feel the need to do playdates and that is FINE.
you may have an only child, or move alot, or be a very social person, or be starving for adult conversation (been there), or have any kind of situation that i may not even understand.
honestly i respect whatever choice you make for the best interest of your family.
the motive is what matters.
do it for your child and your family, not for what other parents are doing.
my point for sharing my thoughts about it was to free anyone who was feeling pressured to live by what "they" say.
and encourage you to do what seems right to you.
that is all.

(aren't you just loving all the paddleboard photos today!?)

i just had to share this little-bit-a-lovely that i made for my sweet friend who is due to have a baby next month.
the babies name is clementine( how sweet is that?).
so when leslie spotted this "catalina clementine" crate at the flea market a few weeks ago, it just started my wheels turning.
and look what came about!
(it's a mobile, if you are feeling confused...for over a crib)
i love that.
i love non-forced creativity.
that is my favorite kind.
i loved thinking and praying for Joy and her sweet sweet family as i put each piece together.
doing that is what i was truly made to do.
i can feel that i've found my place while i am doing it.

do you know what i am talking about?
i mean sometimes i am just searching and searching for a place in  this world that i feel i belong.
most of the time i feel like i don't quite fit.
but every once in a while i am reminded that although there are imperfections all over and around me, 
i am still HIS girl.
HE came up with the idea for me.
HE made me a certain way with certain strengths and as long as i haven't mixed that strength all up in my weird, selfish, controlling ways, i am still HIS idea.

and i am lovely because HE loves me....

that's how i feel when i make baby mobiles....funny, huh?

(ps. wasn't the title of this post sorta naughty? you didn't think I was having a new baby didja? please!)


  1. so true! He gave you the perfect gifts for YOU! "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in various forms." - 1 Peter 4:10

  2. Yes - I totally thought you were having another baby! cheeky!!

  3. i love you.
    i know just the feeling you're describing, like to a tee. oh, this does my heart so much good.
    thank your friend. for ALL of your words.

  4. I love that about making baby gifts too... using that time to think about and pray for the little one that will soon hug, cuddle, and love that special something. Which reminds me... I'm behind on two new baby blankets- think they'll get them before they need them for naptime at preschool? Hope so!

  5. oh, how i love this post and your honesty and transparency! it is so refreshing when pressures arise to 'be like everyone else'. you inspire me, shauna...all the time! your creativity and love for the Lord{giving Him the credit} is so encouraging.


  6. eeeeek! i love that baby mobile, so original and.... just awesome! if i ever have another baby i am placing an order, k?

  7. ps--that WAS low-down, i thought you were making an announcement for a hot second.

  8. Hi Shauna!
    The mobile you made is amazing!! My daughter's name is Catalina Clementine. I know you said you bought this at a flea market....but is there ANY information you can give me that's on the crate that could help me find another like it for my baby's room?? I know it's going out of your way....but I would be SO grateful!!! Thanks for any help you can give me.