insta-friday (i mean saturday....)

happy friday! 
i guess i missed it!
so, happy saturday!!!!!
i am kinda "off" because reedo took off thursday and friday, so these days just feel like a deliciously long weekend.
but i do think it's friday, right?
nope, shauna it's not....
anyway, here, check out what my little phone has been up to this week!

just me and ella! at krispy kreme!
she reminds me of the shirley temple movies i've been pretending she likes to watch with me....
playing nicely with gracie.
they were super sweet together!(if she lived next door, maybe i WOULD have playdates all the time *wink wink*)
crowded beach day.
3 kids standing still in the sand for this photo took like ten minutes to get and cost me three suckers.
it's not even that cute.
strawberry mcdonalds pie.
my board found her true love.
now me and my true love can paddle into the sunset.
as long as we can get someone to watch over all our little children
um. this is a good movie. really good. i wish i was watching it with my sisters right now.
swimming lessons
the tiger rake.
did you see this post?
i did.
and we i went a little crazy.
the car loader
i took my new paddle-board out all by myself for the first time this week.
i mean, i've paddled alone but never had to to load it and and unload it myself and just be in charge of my whole deal (i know, i'm spoiled by my cute car loader).
it was a little scary.
me and the ocean.
but it was so good for me.
it wasn't very crowded out there (maybe because of the shark sighting right outside the harbor that i didn't hear about until after i went ?), so i was not around people for parts of the time and i sang out loud to myself.
good thing i didn't hear about that shark nonsense til after my maiden voyage, right?
because today i went out with reedo and i really had to fight my own mind against crazy imaginings.
i made him do two full loops around the harbor so that i could challenge myself and get the freaking out out of my system.
reedo was a good sport about my craziness.
he's surfed for years and can just get over that stuff quicker.

this was me with my paddle-board riding shot gun.
still in ignorant bliss about that dumb shark.
pool tiiiiiime!
jake is such a patient big brother (most of the time)
more. pool.
pancake "breakfast" lunch with momma
the good good life.



  1. first, i was going to say "wow, you surf, in real life? your coolness just shot through the roof!"... and then i got to the shark part, and remembered "why yes, that is exactly why i have no desire to ever surf. completely terrified of sharks. and convinced that i would be the one to get eaten by it, just because i'm so irrationally scared of them".

    anyway, happy saturday :) i still think it's super cool that you surf, in real life.

  2. I am very impressed with your paddle boarding skills. Some friends and I are taking a class soon. Looks awesome :)

    What's your Instagram handle?

  3. Looks like a super fun week- summer's still in full swing for you guys I take it. So glad to see you had as much fun with the paper dolls as we did. Now if only we could find those same outfits in real life!

  4. all those happy faces in these pictures made me smile. :)