a {little} lady's work is never done....

this last weekend i got the privilege of driving out to visit my friend joy and let our little girls play together.
we don't get to do this often, but our girls seriously love it and we don't mind either (wink wink).
this visit was scheduled around a workshop that joy was teaching that evening that was for parents who want to learn how to better document their children's lives though photographs.
you DO know which joy i'm talking about right? 
(i know, i am SO blessed to have such a creative and sweet friend! she is a treasure!)
the plan was that her gracie and my  ella would do their "little lady thing" and then all the sweet momma's would be able to practice on them while they played.
our girls were SO sweet together. 
seriously sweet.
surprisingly sweet.
i mean, they don't play together that often so there could've been some issues, right?
well, they were like little princesses.
making that idea that photo shoot day is usually a disaster look like a big fat lie!
it IS usually pretty crazy, people.
but this day was not the norm, for me.
it was a total pleasure.

the girls did {little} lady stuff and we all snapped away.... 

i tell you, a {little} lady's work is never done.
caring for their babies


wrapping up little baby chicks in hankies 
(all little ladies need to do that right?)

taking the chicks for a stroll in the carriage

yelling directions to your other lady friends about what the little chicks might need

putting the chickies to bed and telling them about how "fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair"
(seriously she kept reciting that to the mommies in a SUPER loud voice. what was that about??_

my ella had some anxiety about picking up the chicks without their "kerchiefs" on.
she needed that barrier to feel safe.
ha ha!

i got these few photos in between trying to be helpful with the ladies that were trying to figure out all those buttons on their cannon rebels, and monitoring those sweet little girls.
it was so lovely.
can we do it again next week?
why oh why does it have to be a 2 hour drive!!??

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  1. Oh, my.... these photos are precious!

  2. how awesome!!
    i would love to do this...if i only knew photography!!

  3. oh your girlie is just the most darling!

  4. Oh my goodness. So sweet and so adorable. I love how she didn't want to pick them up unless she had the kerchief. :)

  5. These pictures are so sweet and these girls have one of the prettiest play areas I've ever seen :o)

  6. seriously?!
    How does your life always look like a stinkin' masterpiece?!
    (i mean this nicely).

  7. I just loved your pictures. I love how they were just going on about their business and you guys were just clickin' away. very cute :)

  8. you reeds have animal issues. i feel so sorry for you that i may just get you some hamsters for christmas.

  9. So stinkin' adorable...love all the props- a little girls paradise for sure!

  10. Adorable pictures... wonderful blog!