three. hundred.

so, i'm not a numbers girl.
i almost ne-ver look at the stats section of my blog.
i leave the followers section on my blog up so people can easily follow if they want...but it kind of embarrasses/freaks-me-out to see the number on there.
i have done (a few) give-aways with the entry requirements being to follow or comment, but honestly that kinds feels like cheating to me....i mean i'm not selling anything.
if i were that'd be tooooootally different.
but i'm not.
i mean...don't follow unless you wanta follow, right?
not because you really want a set of barrettes or a cd....
and the give-aways felt a bit like the "xo xo" thing.
everybody's doing it.

i am embarrassed for myself right now.


today i noticed i have 300 hundred followers.
that seems like it should be commemorated somehow.
i'm soooooorta into big round numbers....a little.
they are easy for me to remember.

how bout i do a post with three hundred photos?
just kidding.
seriously. don't click away.
i'll just do a few.
i promise.
ok ok. maybeeeeeee 30.
that is taking away one zero....
here goes.

ferris wheel day with our favorite lady (this is one of my favorite photos right now)

spin me mommy!

me and reedo (taken by gracie)

beach baby

me and my girl

ferris wheel feet

my kinda dinner


fake fear


the car ride after dropping aunts grace at the airport. they cried for 30 minutes straight. no breaks, no exaggeration.  it was heart breaking. for them and for my sister.

7 dollar shoes are my best friend.

my boys at soccer camp. i can see the men they will be in this photo.

surprise! a rainy sunday morning!

lady like


not cooperating

me and hemmingway

ella and hemmingway (he gets around)

the kids and i had a slumber party at some friends house.
i was alone when i woke up.
sleeping in a twin bed with no one crawling all over me.
so. weird.

ella's  documentation of my vbs days

i finally get some clouds....
sassy little lady

my little friend in a bucket

this is about as hot as i can handle, at this point.

sunsets have been beautiful!

baggie breakfast

ella on her cell

so, there you have it.
30 photos.
(was it 30? or wait, i think it might have ended up 29 since i almost posted one in my bathing suit and then chickened out...)
so 29 or 30 photos to say, "hey! i've got 300 hundred people who were willing to click that little follow button! look at me!"
thanks friends.
thanks for paying attention to me and my little blog.
thanks for encouraging me and being my friends.
sometimes i like blogging and sometimes it's a pain in the butt, but I ALWAYS am thankful for the friendships i've gained from it....



  1. Congrats on 300! We used to live in your neck of the woods. : )

  2. I am one of the 300! Congrats, that is an exciting benchmark. I jumped up to 79 this week and was pumped, so I think it is more than fitting to dedicate a post to 300! Loved all of the pictures you picked for your 30.

    Hope you are having a great week!


  3. Your sister's outfit is fabulous! She looks lovely. No wonder the kids freaked out when she left. :(

    I love all of your photos. And that last sentiment is so true.

  4. i am one of the 300, too! i don't even have 300 but to me it's more about inspiring people. it's hard not to look at those numbers and feel embarrassed. though. crap, my giveaways are probably really annoying you. they are alot of work. maybe i should take a break!

  5. shauna, im so happy i found your blog :) love your family, the pictures capture the joy god has placed in your hearts! congrats on the big 3-0-0!

    katie@little things bring smiles

  6. ahhh now i feel like i haven't missed so much lately. thanks for the update in pictures. love the way you share. (and the $7 shoes!)

  7. Yea for big round numbers! I would have peeked at 270 more photos! Love the one of you and Reedo.... LOVE IT!

  8. YAY! You deserve those 300 followers. I love your blog!

  9. Congrats on 300 followers! You have a great blog and I love visiting it everyday!

  10. I guess that makes me 301! Nice to find you today!

  11. I know you said you don't care about the numbers, but I'm going to say congrats anyway!

  12. i feel the same way about followers. it seems weird to have them be a follower to get something. it's like why do i have to bribe you to follow. ha. but ya, really.

  13. love it. so happy you are back for real, i missed you and your face and the kids and all of it! i'm not a numbers stat-checker either but 300 is a milestone and i;m glad you're here in this crazy little blogging world. ooohhh..and that's my kinda dinner too, yum. and that polka dot head scarf? looks like the one i just bought at h & m yesterday. love all the photos, i would have sat through 300 pictures though..so many good ones!

  14. Oh that pic of your kids crying when your sister left! I can't stand! What a special relationship.happy 300!