a call to see

i hesitate to share this because although i could succeed, i could also fail.
if i share then there will be no way to hide if i fail.
i know that failure isn't the worst thing to ever happen to a girl.
i am sure there are a dozen inspirational quotes about that.
you can leave those in the comment section for me if you feel so inclined...

i have decided to start practicing photos of families.
that is the particular area of photography that is on my heart.
i love families.
i love seeing things about a person or relationship that maybe someone else doesn't see.
or maybe they do and just really want another person's eye (and lens) on it to capture that beauty for just a moment.
so my idea is to try to see families.
i know how to capture my family.
but what about others?
this is gonna be hard.
there are lovely things in families and there are ugly things in them.
don't. i. know it.
but when the ugly things come out in my family i can sometimes take comfort in looking at something lovely that happened and smiling about it. just for a second.

so, as you can see, my call mostly has to do with seeing.
but here the catch.
the hard part, for me.
if i want to see AND i want to capture, then i need to practice.
i need to get better with my camera.
i need to gain experience and boundaries and skill.
so i have made a challenge for myself.
i am going to ask families, that i know (and think might say yes) to let me photograph them.
one family a month for a year.
this is a goal.
i might skip a month.
or something.
but i am going to try.
i am going to try and see.
i am going to try and show you.
i might be great.
i might not.
but i'm going to try.


  1. oh, how i wish i lived closer...you're going to be amazing!!!!

  2. You go for it girl - you have a gift and I can't wait to see what God does with it!!

  3. Oh my gracious...how I wish we lived closer right now! Id love to have you shoot ut(that sounded funny).
    You're so gifted in this area Shauna. I cant wait to see how you do:)

  4. you're gonna rock mama, you have the eye and the heart.

  5. you are so great!!! love every picture you've ever taken!

  6. Of course you'll be amazing! I too wish you could capture my little family.

  7. I love and am inspired by your photos and would be delighted for you to photograph our family of 6 is we were closer. Will look forward to seeing how you go. Cx

  8. can't wait to see your work! you'll do great. wish you could capture our cozy family.

  9. aw, you will do great!
    i know it!
    we all love the amazing skills you're displaying on your blog.
    i knew it was only a matter of time that you'd start it as a biz.
    if i lived near, you could totally photo my crazy little family.
    maybe next time we're in sunny cali, i'll ring you up!
    best of luck... and know that you're doing what you're meant to do.
    can't wait to see your "goods"!!! :)

  10. I'm sure it'll be a fun road ahead. I've followed your pictures and they're lovely and inspirational. You'll have no problem finding 12 families, let us know when you're ready for paying customers. My family of 5 is local in MV. Good luck!

  11. you will be FABULOUS.
    no doubt.
    it will be amazing.

  12. I have no doubt that God is going to use this big time.
    Huge time.

  13. so excited for you shauna!! you, and it, are going to be great!!

    ps: i sent an email to your ericshauna email :) xoxo

  14. because it's on your heart how could you do anything but succeed?!?!
    your photos are gorgeous.

  15. Shauna I know we don't "know" each other. I've been a blog stalker of yours for awhile now but I know that you will do great at this. You are super creative/talented...it's plain to see. I love that you put this out there for all to see/know. Can't wait to see how the Lord uses it.:)

  16. SHAUNA!!!!! This is so weird because as I was DROOLING over your pics the other day I thought "I wonder if she would take pics of my fam so I could have pics like that." HA! I don't know if you already have 12 fams in mind, or if you would be at all interested - but I would be EVER so greatful if we could squeeze in a session!?!?!?! Let me know!! You are going to be (and already ARE) FANTASTIC at this!!!! xoxo

  17. okay, that's funny, because I thought you already did this!!! so obviously, you are good! so GO FOR IT! proud of you and you will ROCK it sister!!!
    just don't let it steal your passion for photographing your own family as that is what happens to LOTS of photographers!

  18. can you please hop on a plane and come takes pics of my family??? Thank you very much! I love all your photos! You definitely have a talent for this :)

  19. you will rock at it. i'm really happy to see you take this step.