look up, for golden is the hour!

last year i had a rough time with the santa situation.
this year i made a plan early.
 to MAKE the real christmas story come alive for my sweet children.
and for me.
in my stage of my story.
christmas will never look just how it looks this year, again.
so, i got together with my friend joy and we put together a creative expression of the nativity, in our own way.
with our treasures.

the entire nativity session is posted on joy's blog.
please visit over there to see them!
wildflowers photography
they are what kept me going this december.

as if it could get any better than that,
my new friend marianne offered to film the session.
all these beautiful gifts around me!
i am a blessed friend this chistmas.
the frosting on top of this giant christmas treat?
the song on the video is one of my favorite songs by my adorable sister, gracie.

this post may just make me explode with happiness!



  1. oh the pictures are just beautiful.
    it's just all so pretty - the clothes, the props, the setting and the kids are just adorable!
    did you make the little angel wings? im dying over them..can you share how you made them?
    this looks like it was a labor of love.. you guys did a wonderful job!

  2. Wow, so beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. Have a wonderful Christmas with your adorable family. Cx

  3. Adorable! I just loved how it was portrayed, the beautiful music and the children thoroughly enjoying themselves at the end. What a beautiful way to memorialize this for them as they grow older! I love reading your blog!

  4. That video is just so beautiful. I cried watching it. Thank you!

  5. oh. my. word!! so cute/sweet/awesome...don't know what to say!!

  6. wow. i can only describe it as magical. and i can totally see how the photos and video (in combination with your sister's incredible talent) just breathe life into your creative heart. totally your love language, right? loved every second! thanks for sharing with us!

  7. the word that comes to mind is whimsical. ;) so proud of you.

  8. this is one of the most beautiful expressions of the nativity that i have ever seen!
    the innocence of children and their childlike faith resonate so much beauty here.
    praise God for sending us His Son to be our Savior!
    Merry Christmas to you and all of your family.

    p.s. your sisters voice is so heavenly. :)

  9. absolutely precious! - did you make those angel wings? I am adoring them, please share a tutorial!-
    ps- if I lived by you, and knew you, I would beg you to take pictures of my family.
    you are amazing!

  10. beeeeautiful.
    your little joseph is a heartbreaker.

    i remember those stars.....ikea. :)

  11. Shauna, the first time I saw the picture on an earlier post of yours, it took my breath away. I cant wait to watch the video.
    You are such a talented momma. Merry CHRISTmas, friend:)

  12. amazing is an understatement, shauna.
    the kids and i just watched it two times in a row.
    your sister's voice is amazing. you are amazing. and so is joy.
    and all of the kids and little baby jesus? precious.

  13. so beautiful! tears in my eyes. Does your sister have an album or more music available. I could listen to that song all. day. long!

  14. Shauna! It was soooo beautiful!! Great costumes and props, you have such a gifted eye for every detail...love Ella's "star"...so perfect...and baby Jesus' crown...so precious. That video needs to be shown to everyone!! it is amazing, music and all!!

  15. okay, WOW!!!! amazing and lovely and beautiful and sweet and every little detail is oozing with creative awesomeness! I LOVE THIS!!! LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT!!!! (should I add a few extra exclamation points??) be still my beating heart!

  16. How absolutely STUNNING! I shared this on my facebook, I hope you don't mind! If you do, I will take it down! just let me know! tdpakosta@sbcglobal.net
    how amazing!

  17. saw this on facebook a few days ago! had no clue it was you! you're viral! love it. love it SOOO much.