{insta} cheer

my house is clean.
my house is clean and there's dinner.
my house is clean and there's dinner and the kids WILL be in bed on time tonight.
my house is clean and there's dinner and the kids WILL be in bed on time tonight and i will be starting the third season of parenthood with my cute husband.

this is a good night.

i will not ruin it by thinking of what i need to STILL do.
i will not ruin it by thinking of things that can be dealt with later.
so there.

on that note, this is insta-friday (christmas addition)
have some cheer!

burlap photo wall ready for a special series of photos from a shoot that i will share soon!

santa plays with baby mouse jesus

hung this mirror by myself
(things are getting done around here! and i think it's because of something my mom used to say..."if you want to get projects done around the house, have a party, it'll give you the motivation to get it all done!"....with christmas coming up and all my family coming, i am in "get it done" mode! and i love it! thanks momma!)
i changed out a buncha pictures today!

just me and ella on a shopping day

"kids only" sing a long



  1. hey mama, your craft room looks awesome. isn't that a great feeling? i was on the crazy purging and organizing trip for about 2 weeks and now i have fallen back into lazy slothfulness. ugghhhh. love the pics and the vintagey christmas picture (children's book?) looks similar to something i was just working on today. great minds ; ) have a fun date night on the couch watching parenthood, that sounds like fun. have a lovely weekend, friend.

  2. Beautiful pics and so love your style!!

  3. I just found your blog and I had to tell you I love it! You have a beautiful family and I like seeing all your pictures. I enjoyed going through some of your past post and learning more about your blog! New follower :) Can't wait to see future post!

  4. your house looks beautiful.
    i LOVE all of your decorations...
    ...and your photography{have i mentioned that before?} :)
    i'm weirdly excited about your new photo shoot!
    i just know it's going to be amazing!
    happy weekend.

  5. Beautiful pics, lovely Shauna. Miss your posts, friend.

  6. dinner looks great !! I love when you post sister..especially inside your home.

  7. Love the way you set up your nativity!! I have that same set...I'm so going to do a raised set up like that next year with snow!! so cute!! Hope you guys have a great Christmas...we're praying for a white one!!! : )

  8. Can't wait to see the burlap photo wall!

  9. hello :)
    thank God I found your blog. You are such an incredible talent with decoration ideas. I especially love the instagram picture bunting and the scrap booking paper cabinet. And I also love your blog because you are one more person I can learn from when it comes to beliefs and religious inspiration. Thank you.