remember when i used to post every day?
like last month?
yah, those were the days, huh?

remember when i said that i wanted to take more photos with my real camera?
that was a good idea, huh?
yah...i have good ideas.
(at least i have four today!)

remember when ella was a baby?
yah...that was fun.
but look! she's getting so big!
what happened?

 remember when i used to drink diet coke?
yah, well i still do.
but i also love drinking tea (preferably jasmine) out of this little lady.
she's my colors and everything.

well, i am trying to do all that i ought to do in this little mommy life of mine, which means sometimes i don't post as much as i'd like.
thanks for still reading, friends.


  1. how lucky is that? your colors AND your letter.

    love the photos and the sparkly water :)

  2. Love your cup and love that you are normal!!

  3. We all do the same thing so no worries.Love the mug. Leslie suggested we all get them in Anthro the day we shopped there but they didnt have the right letters for us plus mine wouldnt have shipped well in my carryon:)Fooey!
    love the pics of Ella too.

  4. i want to go skipping in the water. sigh.
    i like when you use your real cammy. you are good at it.

  5. I've been reading your blog for a long while - I used to be in a bible study with Leslie when we were first married. And now we have mutual instagram friends (that I miss very much now that I've moved). Just wanted to post my first comment on your blog - to say that I love your pics no matter what camera you use and I totally want to go get that mug today. I saw it yesterday and then it popped up among our mutual friends on instagram, confirming that I need it too. :)

  6. paisley jade said it all! :)
    ella is such a doll!

  7. I love your blog!
    I LOVE your pictures, your words.
    Your stories! Hopefully after the new year, things will slow down and you can post again!
    I took out my REAL camera today after not having had it out for a couple of weeks! I missed it!

  8. As said above...i love that you are real !! you don't get dressed just to post a cute outfit, pretend your a model etc. I adore your transparency. thank you for sharing.