insta update

hi friends.
sorry i have been so scarce lately.
i've been busy.
and instead of talking your ear off (wait...eyes off)
i will just show you what i've been up to....

thanksgiving morning

aunts grace

 making props
(for a special upcoming photo shoot i get to share soon!)

birthday shopping

hanging with friends

exploring my favorite place

realizing his head is up to my shoulder

 ready (at 6am) for ballet class

lots of kisses

matchy girls!

more kisses

 thanksgiving at the reeds

my people

 dancing with daddy during her first viewing of "white christmas"

putting up grandma cindie's villiage

aunts grace carrying on the legacy

visiting my lady friend and her amazing house and family

and baby clementine

photo shoot to celebrate this coming season!


little reedos

sand babies

a new mug from a special new friend

all is well


  1. Shauna you have such a beautiful family. Oh and I love your new mug. I have looked at them for Christmas presents....we'll see.;)

  2. soaking it up with family is where every mama should be.
    your photos are gorgeous!

  3. your daughter and your husband together makes my heart melt and makes me so happy that my husband gets a daughter of his own. :)

  4. all of the photos are SO lovely.
    daddy and daughter dancing=priceless!
    your photo shoot looks AMAZING, too!

  5. i can hardly wait to see the rest of that awesome photo shoot and your project--know it is gonna be awesome. love all of this.

  6. Ok so the photo shoot? Absolutely breathtaking! And I love the picture of Grace and Ella kissing. Such a sweet recap of what you've been up to. Miss you!

  7. I am dying to get Bruce into a sweater like your hubs was trying on.
    Where were you?
    I haven't seen one that I like as much as that!