vacation breakfast

this is how we roll on christmas vacay....
everyone picks their own favorite cereal.
no matter how sugary.
bouncing off the wall starts....now!



  1. mmm...do i see fruity pebbles? yum. school goes through wednesday for us so a few more days until vacation officially starts!

  2. your kids are already out?!?! i'm so jealous. mine don't get out until friday. I may or may not have considered pulling them out a week early and telling the school we are going out of town.

  3. I love that you can celebrate christmas time with just those little things.

  4. Girls and I go until Thursday(1/2 day= fun day) but poor hubby gets only TWO days off from teaching for his vacation because of all the flooding we had at the start of school. It stinks but Im grateful we went to Disney last year, not this year, or I would've been devastated.
    Love the pick your own cereal rule:)
    Merry Christmas Shauna!

  5. i still feel guilty when i eat a bowl of "off limits" cereal.