it happened.
today, all my children went to school for the first time ever.
i will post tomorrow about what i did.
but for now these guys get top billing.
especially these big boys!

jake and ty have recess together this year only
they planned to meet at the monkey bars

it was ella's third day
but obviously she had to do the board too...
(details to come about first day of school happenings and what in the world mommy did...i did not disappear!)



  1. What fun, and such handsome boys!!
    Josh and Caleb got to sit on the bus together this year. They were kind of buddies at recess too, from what I hear.
    Daniel started middle school..yikes!!
    Natalie and I finished painting her room..she starts preschool next week.

  2. I love the pics with the signs. Great idea! i love your blog.