'round here- goodbye summer

we've got new shoes and we are ready to get movin'!
goodbye summer!

we loved mastering the fireman pole with you, summer...

we've got our school hair cuts and we are ready to say goodbye.

goodbye to lazy strolls with our dollies side by side....

goodbye breakfast at watson's...

goodbye hot summer sale days, with friends...

goodbye sleeping in...

see you next year, raspberry sandwiches by the pool...

let's bring the homemade strawberry milk inside for now (since it's 100 degrees out there, anyway :)

goodbye random, surprise disneyland days...

(in small world, looking at the ariel baby girl)
goodbye shirley temple in a bottle

goodbye red white and blue

 goodbye naps (wait when WAS this???)

goodbye fancy summer birthday dinners...

goodbye dandy-lions

goodbye lazy crafty days of stringing cuppy-cake papers...

goodbye summer storms...

goodbye dollar movie days...

i'd like to say goodbye to 104 degree weather too...please don't melt our pumpkin patches when they show up in a few weeks....

goodbye lovely pools days....

hello preschool.

we are ready for you 
first grade and third grade.
see you tomorrow.

change is gonna come, my friends.

tomorrow is the very first day since the day jacob was born, 
more than eight years ago, 
that i will be without a little child for a few hours every other day, while they are at school.
all three of my children go to school.
away from me.
at school.
i'll let you know how it goes.
hopefully i don't disappear.
(you know? since i won't be needed, i might just "poof!" cease to exist...yah never know.)



  1. Me, too!!!

    This year I have a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, and my baby is in preschool. Hard to believe, isn't it?

  2. love all the recollections. beautiful. a great way to end the summer. thanks for the recap. nate has his clothes laid out just like a person on the carpet too :) "hey it looks like me!" he said.

  3. Love the photo journey... especially as we are leaving winter behind here in New Zealand and dreaming of summer up ahead! Embrace this new chapter in your life - embrace and enjoy each phase as they come and go... that's what I love about you and your blog!! xoxo

  4. uh, makes me sad summer's gone already :( hope you don't POOF away today...you'll probably get tons done :)

  5. Love how you were able to sum up the highlights of your summer...beautiful memories for your kiddos and great pics!

  6. a sweet send-off for summer --- your family is so lovely. my baby is almost 8, too. enjoy your week!

  7. Im praying that its not 104 in a few weeks too. By then I'll have all my summer clothes put away...fall is coming in full swing here already. Actually, today its cold and raining so hard we've got flooding and most of the schools closed early. First day of school for NY kids and they get off with a half day! Sheesh!