tea and a story with ella

hello friends!
glad to join up with you for virtual tea today.
and just for the record, tuesdays aren't my best day for tea since it's not a school day for ella.
she goes monday, wednesday, friday...and she's not so much a tea drinker.
apple juice is her drink of choice.
and she likes a story with her juice, not just boring chit chat.
so this one is her favorite

it's all about a little girl who is a mommy to her three dolls.
and their full life together.
it's a real page turner.
i read that thing like 5 times a day.
but here is ella reading it.

she also likes to act it out....

so there you go, tea with ella and i.
not too information filled.
but if you want random details about my life read yesterday's post, baby.
i can only drum up random personal details so often or youguys will start to think i am loosin' it
tomorrow i will get a tea aaaaaallllll by myself and maybe even do a little paddleboarding.
hope you are having a lovely day.

don't forget to visit my friend amy and see how it is actually christmas for her already...very lucky.



  1. this is so sweet! i wish i had a little girl.

  2. Ella is getting so big, I haven't visited in ages. Love the photos of her with her dolls. Enjoy your tea and paddleboarding (that sounds sooooo California!) tomorrow.

  3. I love me some old golden books!
    We have a great one that is very similar to this called,"I go to kindergarten".
    Full of those lovely old fashioned images!!
    Gotta love 'em!
    Your little Ella is so sweet!
    I could just nibble on her!

  4. i love ella reading her book, man i love that rough little voice of hers. and oh maaaaaan, that buggy...it truly makes me want to have another baby just do be able to decorate another nursery and fill it with things like this. love it. charlotte has now watched this video three times ; )